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NEW!!! Emotional Intelligence for Empaths

  • August 28, 2019
  • 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • To Be Announced


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Emotional Intelligence for Empaths!

The KivaGarden is expanding! 

Where traditionally the KivaGarden has offered Life Skills for Intuitive Feeling type empaths (INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs, ENFPs, NXs) a new series is starting September 2019. 

There are three components:

  1. Feeling Fully in the Enchanted Wood.
  2. Speaking Daringly in the Gazebo Pavilion.
  3. Seeing Clearly in the Unusual Observatory.

Each workshop builds on the skills of the previous one: as such, Feeling Fully is a pre-requisite for Speaking Daringly, which is a pre-requisite for Seeing Clearly. 

While brief descriptions are available at this time, more will be revealed as the September approaches. 


NOTE: Dates are just a placeholder, so a post can be put on the calendar!


As an Intuitive Feeling/Thinking type hybrid (NX) it is fascinating to watch people grow and develop. The deeper they go, the farther I dig into my reserves, experiences, knowledge and resources. 

It has been fascinating developing this series - with many of the components created during my Master in Education, or while I created the KivaGarden two years ago. I have been wondering how it all fit together! But it was a dream, a few weeks ago, that was most instructive. I was actually teaching EQ4Es!

(EQ stands for Emotional Intelligence.) 

I woke up with the complete syllabus in my head. 

Usually the intuitive process unfolds for me. Not this time.  This time the entire landscape was spread out before me. Such is the experience of a Divinely Guided life! 


Emotional Intelligence for Empaths

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