Zero Limits

"Zero Limits... it is a true story that I heard several years ago, of a therapist who worked at a mental hospital for the criminally insane in Hawaii using an unusual mystical secret Hawaiian healing helped heal every one of those patients." 

"They were so dangerous the people would visit and they would walk scooting down the halls because those patients were violent. They were either sedated or shackled, virtually every day." 

"The turn over: the nurses would quit on a regular basis; they couldn't keep doctors; they couldn't keep therapists. Until one day this therapist got the job opportunity and he said, 'I will go there, I will work there, but I have to do my own method. I am not actually going to do therapy with the patients. Let me see their files; I will see them over lunch; but I am not going to see them one-on-one; I am not going to do traditional therapy with them.'" 

"They agreed because they were desperate..."

  • "Within a few months, those patients that were shackled and sedated were being unshackled and not needing sedation. 
  • A few months after that they started to be released! They were pronounced as healed! They were freed! 
  • Within a year or two: most of the ward was released. 
  • Within four years they were all releases, and the ward was closed."
"When I was first told that story, I get chills right now, I get them every time I start talking about this. How is this possible? ... "

"I went looking for that therapist... I found him!"  

 This is the story of Zero Limits by Dr's  Joe Vitale and Haleakala Hew Len.

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