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At the KivaGarden we offer several opportunities to thrive as a self-actualized individual: cultivating more happiness, manifesting a higher self esteem, engaging in mindful self care and strengthening our relationships with ourSelves, our community, and the Divine.  Where do you want to start on your path of growth, development and individuation?  Explore your options and our offerings knowing that each of these workshops is available as one-on-one mentoring or you can invite friends and family to join you on your journey and save! Contact Us to find out how. 

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Our Offerings

Strengthening Relationships as Parents, Teachers, Mentors, and Guides

Strengthen your relationships by cultivating secure attachments with yourSelf, your community, and the Divine. Foster emotional regulation and resilience as a role model. Move beyond surviving to thriving with the Strengthening Relationships Series. 

Please Note: Raising OurSelves as Secure Earth Angels has been created with sensitive beings in mind including those who are Intuitive Feeling Types. Please take the quiz at to determine if you are an NF: INFJ, ENFJ, INFP, ENFP; NX, XF. E-mail your results

Engage in Mindful Self Care 

It is when we integrate the needs of body, mind, heart and spirit - alone and in community - on a daily, weekly, monthly basis that we experience what it is like to thrive as a self-actualized individual. Engage in Mindful Self Care >>

Please Note: My Adatod Journal is a Parent & Child Experience. Filling My Own Cup has a prerequisite: one of the Circle of Security or Raising Secure Earth Angels Workshops: delivered one-on-one or in a family/friends group. 

Cultivate Happiness through Flow: at Work, at Home, at Play

Cultivating happiness happens when we understand ourSelves, are mindful of our self care, and strengthen our relationships. Tapping into Flow at work, at home, and at play allows us to cultivate richer lives: thriving with self-actualization. Invite your friends and loved ones to join you as you Cultivating More Happiness >>.

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