The KivaGarden

 Kira's KivaGarden provides workshops to individuals.

Mentoring growth and development, it is here that sensitive people learn how to thrive on earth. 

The KivaGarden is for Intuitive Feeling  type empaths: Earth Angels, INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs, ENFPs; NXs and XFs. 
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The KivaGardenTM is Grounded in the works of:     

Kira's Protective Perimeter

Restoring Integriously

If you are an Intuitive Feeling Type (an NF) Kira's Protective Perimeter  is  where you start, at the KivaGarden.  Because of our sensitive natures, it is vital to restore and maintain our boundaries before engaging in the Life Skills for Empaths Series, or Emotional Intelligence for Empaths Series: whether as an individual or in a Create-Your-On-Group-and Save.

 Restoring Integriously is the first step to manifesting our Selves more fully in the world. 

Love your Self. Pause at Kira's Protective Perimeter >>

It is safe to Be Me.

Kira's Magical Meadow

Trusting Securely

If you or your child is sensitive - Intuitive Feeling Type (an NF), an Earth Angels, an Indigo, a Crystals or a Rainbows - Kira's Magical Meadow  is a place for you.  It is in the Magical Meadow that we explore how to Trust Securely: OurSelves, our community and the Divine. 

Kira's Magical Meadow offers:

  1. Raising Secure Earth Angels and
  2.  Raising OurSelves as Earth Angels.  

Trusting Securely, is the first of the Life Skills for Empaths SeriesIt can be taken independently from the other offerings at the KivaGarden. Enter Kira's Magical Meadow >>

It is safe to Trust.

Kira's Opalescent Orchard

Creating Courageously

We are all creative beings. It is in our birthright to create, to manifest, to be abundant. And yet, very few of us over come the challenges (fears) that prevent us from taking what we receive in the abstract and bringing it down to earth to the concrete. Better yet, few of us learn how to channel our feelings - as Intuitive Feeling types we all feel intensively - into art that heals.  

Kira's Opalescent Orchard™ is a beautiful space to put those fears and distractions to rest once and for all, so we can once again Create Courageously: like we did when we were kids and no one was watching!  Stroll through Kira's Opalescent Orchard >>

It is safe to Co-Create.

Kira's Galvanizing Fireside

Manifest Powerfully

How do you manifest yourself fully and powerfully in life, at work, and at play? 

Life is all about choice and consequence, often learned by trial and error. But it doesn't have to be that way. If you want to manifest my joy, more happiness, more energy, more excitement about life and the "work" that you do Kira's Galvanizing Fireside is a sacred space where you discern what is right for you: based on your values, your interests, your experience we will create a vision for yourSelf that will bring in abundance galore! Experience Kira's Galvanzing Fireside >>

It is safe to Discern.

Kira's Enchanted Wood

Feeling Fully

Feeling Fully is the first of the Emotional Intelligence for Empaths Series (EQ4Es) offered through Kira's Enchanted Wood . 

Here we will explore the Colours of Emotions, connecting with their physiological expressions on the path of creating emotional boundaries. It is when we more fully understand the specturm and intensity of emotions that we are better able to discern: is what I am feeling mine or someone else's?  Explore Kra's Enchanted Wood >>

It is safe to Feel.

Kira's Gazebo Pavilion

Speaking Daringly

Every have counter-cultural thoughts that get stuck in your throat? Ever wish you could speak daringly? Kira's Gazebo Pavilion is a safe space to explore and expand upon what you have learned at the Enchanted Wood's first part of the Emotional Intelligence for Empaths Series

It is here at the Gazebo Pavilion that you will arm yourself with Boundaries, Discernment and Empowerment!  Then you can make your way to the Unusual Observatory to learn and explore even more!   Free Yourself  Kira's Gazebo Pavilion >>

It is safe to Say.

Kira's Observatory

Seeing Clearly

As the final element of the Emotional Intelligence for Empaths Series (EQ4Es), Seeing Clearly - offered through Kira's Unusual Observatory™ - is a novel approach to engaging in Disruptive Engagement aimed at changing the world.  By Minding the Gaps between where we are and where we want to be - armed with Boundaries, Discernment, and Empowerment - we Dare Greatly, gracefully and lovingly.  Take In the View at the Unusual Observatory >>

It is safe to See.

Kira's KivaGarden

Knowing Deeply

The beginning is the end. The end is the beginning.  Kira's KivaGarden is, in a way, the alpha and the omega (the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet.) The entire KivaGarden has been created for you to have a deeper knowing of yourself as an Intuitive Feeling type empathic Earth Angel. What is left to be done once you have mastered the skills of Trusting Securely, Creating Courageously and Manifesting Powerfully?  What if you then couple those skills with Emotional Intelligence: Feeling Fully, Speaking Daringly, and Seeing Clearly? 

Is there more to the empowerment process? There is: weaving it all together with the Being Mindful of Me Series, with support and mentoring as you engage in the world: Knowing Deeply of your Divine Nature and your Individual Worth!  Explore Kira's KivaGarden >>

It is safe to Know.

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