Coming 2020!!!

The Unusual Observatory

Armed with Discernment, Boundaries and Empowerment, it is time to enter Kira's Unusual Observatory . It is here where those with keen observation skills gather to mind the gap between where we are and where we want to be. We explore skills and abilities that allow us to enter into Disruptive Engagement with grace, poise and ease. Is that really possible for Intuitive Feeling types? It is for those of us who have purposes and missions to change the world. 

  • Do you hold a strong vision for yourself as a World Changer? 
  • Have you - at any time - attached to negative thought-forms- or otherwise - when it comes to feeling shame, judgement, humiliation or failure about your mission on earth?
  • Do you have the necessary skills to speaking Truth as an Advisor, Mediator, Teacher?
  • Are you a Change Maker - a Crystal or Indigo - here to test rules and regulations before creating new ones based on integrity?
  • Do you hold the gifts of Communication? Truth? Wisdom? 

Embody this Truth: it is safe to See! 

This workshop is under development. It will be available September 2019. 

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