Healing through teaching

Explore your relationships - with yourself and with others. 

Discover a whole new way of Being!

See, Feel, Hear and Know that it is safe to Trust your Self, your community, and the Divine! 

Q. How do we do this? 

A. By exploring the evolutionary process as of Intuitive Feeling type empaths!

There are 2 types of empaths we will explore, together:

  1. The Individuating Empath, and,
  2. The Succouring Empath™. 

Be prepared! While much of the information will be received cognitively - to feed your mind - it will also be presented and explored in ways that also feed your heart and spirit! You will come out, at the end of 6 sessions, with a greater understanding of yourself and how to establish secure relationships with those you know and love: including your Self!

This is a LIVE event.

Expect to participate in activities and interactions on a daily basis.

This workshop has been created to captivate your spirit, envelop your heart, engage your mind, and listen to your body.

Actively engaging in home work is an expectation of attendance. 

Go to www.16Personalities.com to determine if you are an NF, an NX or an SF. E-mail your results to get them interpreted. 

You Will:

  • Learn about your Divine Nature and Individual Worth as an Intuitive Feeling type empath.
  • Experience wholistic learning that engages your body, mind, heart and spirit all at once. 
  • Discover and integrate aspects of yourself that you may have forgotten about or disowned. 
  • Transform a more fragmented way of being to a more wholistic one. 
  • Understand yourself more implicitly as an Intuitive Feeling type (INFJ, INFP, ENFJ, ENFP) 
  • Explore the concepts of personality, temperament, and character.
  • Understand the implications of being an extraverted or introverted Intuitive Feeling type empath. 
  • Explore the nuances associated with an -Assertive or -Turbulent identity. 
  • Determine a path to becoming a -Boundaried empath. 
  • Create a foundation in Jung, Keirsey, Myers-Briggs, and www.16Personalities.com
  • Explore concepts of Emotional Intelligence, Co-regulation, and Emotional Resilience. 
  • Contemplate Emotional Deafness and Emotional First Aid. 
  • Learn about the Individuating Empath Model, and the Succouring Empath Model

6 Interactive & Inspiring Modules

The Individuating Empath

Module One

NF Like Me

Enter the Magical Meadow with its essence of wonder and delight as you learn more about the theory and concepts  - the foundation - of Intuitive Feeling types. Integrate the difference between personality, temperament and character. Discover that not only are you not alone, you are among 15% of the population that Sees, Feels, Hears or Knows Divinity! 

Time: 2 hours

Unshielded & Boundaried

Explores the concept of Identity, as determined on the www.16Personalities.com test. There are two poles on this axis: -A for -Assertive and -T for -Turbulent. Discover the reframe: the concept of Identity for Intuitive Feeling types as either -Unshielded or -Boundaried.

Time: 2 hours

Module Two

The Succouring Empath

Module Three

The Individuating Empath Model™ 

Reflect on your Experiences about the process of becoming an Individuating Empath™. Explore the underpinnings of this model. Add layer upon layer of understandings when it comes to personality, temperament and character.

Time: 2 hours

Introverts & Extraverts 

Contemplate the implications of being an introvert or an extravert on the process of becoming an Individuating Empath™. Crystalize the implications of energetics in the way we interact with others, as Intuitive Feeling types. Understand the role of boundary development as we learn to trust both ourselves and others.

Time: 2 hours

Module Four

The Discerning Empath

Module Five

Intro to Emotional Intelligence

Learning to trust others, as sensitive beings in an insensitive world, can be especially difficult particularly for those of us who have turbulent identities. Yet, when we understand the concepts of Emotional Deafness and Emotional First Aid, we build levels of security within ourselves and within our communities. We embody Emotional Intelligence. 

Time: 2 hours

Teaching Others How to Succour Us

Once we understand the Succouring Empath Model™, it is easier for us to figure out what we need and who to turn to for social support: a Companion or a Nurturer or both! We are well on our way to developing the Life Skills required to navigate this sensing world as a sensitive being: Intuitive Feeling type empaths.

Time: 2 hours

Module Six

You Also Get...


One-on-One Mentoring

When you enter Kira's Magical Meadow™ founded by Kimber Leigh Kara, you participate in other-worldly experiences. Witnessing your life mapped out before you: threads that seemed divergent suddenly appear inter-related as connections are made. Weaving the past, present and future together as one, visions of who you were created to be and why you are on earth at this time unfold. 

In this environment you experience what it is to be in the safety and security of an Individuating, Succouring, Discerning Empath who walks the talk: embodying everything you explore together as you learn to trust your Self, your community and the Divine.

Trusting Securely isn't just a theory: it is a way of life! 

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