Healing through teaching

Channeling Emotional Energy Into Creativity

When we hear our Shark Music we distance ourselves in our relationships allowing unhealed hurts from the past to dictate our present reality. But what if that present reality is our child(ren)? 

What do we do when that Shark Music begins to play? 

The Circle of Security (Being With the Talent GenRaising Secure Earth Angels) reminds us to be Bigger, Stronger, Wiser and Kind. While we are able to that to be there to Fill the Emotional Cups of our children, what do we do with that Shark Music? What do we do during our Time-Outs?

Transforming Shark Music offers way of transmuting those emotions through creativity. By channeling our emotions into creative expression we allow our experiences to provide healing not only for ourselves but also for others; and, we role model healthy ways of engaging with our emotions.  Witnessing our choices, our children can adopt similar ways of coping with their emotions. Thus, we learn to Filling Our Own Cups so they can learn how to fill theirs too! 

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Engage in Creativity!

This is a LIVE event.

6 Interactive & Inspiring Modules

Module One

Engaging in the Creative Process

The creative process involves both going out into the world, to explore, and come back in to create. But, many of us have to overcome our own Shark Music pertaining to creativity first! Explore the myths, make time, and discover the truths about creativity. Here we create our own Safe Base, manifesting Time-In to create, before venturing out into the world: the creative process. 

Time: 2 hours

Maintaining Focus

Now that you have overcome your Shark Music about creativity, and you have cultivated Time-Ins for yourself: Now what? How do you remain focused on a project? How do you overcome delay tactics? Whether procrastination, perfectionism, boredom or insecurity: reflect on what you need to maintain focus in transforming your Shark Music through creativity. 

Time: 2 hours

Module Two

Module Three

Creating: Trust the Process

It is time to engage in the process of Transforming Shark Music by channeling emotions while creating something! There are two ways of transmuting emotions into something that is healing for self and others: to create something that heals and/or balances emotions for other; or creating something that reflects and acknowledges emotions.  But, how do we trust the process? 

Time: 2 hours

Create from the Heart

What is the difference between creating something from the head and from the heart? When have you seen/engaged in something created from one or the other? Then you Know that provocative art - art that heals - comes from deep within. How do we create from the heart? How do we bring those emotions out to create meaningful pieces for ourselves  - and maybe even for others - to heal!

Time: 2 hours

Module Four

Module Five

Discovering Hands

Once we overcome the Shark Music that prevents us from engaging in creativity, once we Trust the Process - creating from the heart - Discover the Hands that are provided by the Universal Laws of Creation.  Experience safety and security by tapping into these laws! Discover the Hands that support us during our creative process. 

Time: 2 hours


Being Hands for Each Other

Six weeks have passed since the beginning of Transforming Shark Music. This, our last session, is an opportunity for us to be hands for each other: sharing our creative expressions, talking about our transformative processes, celebrating trusting the process, and our discoveries of being held during the process.  Let us Celebrate the Life, Light and Love experienced through creativity!

Time: 2 hours

Module Six

You Also Get...


Transforming Shark Music Handbook

The Transforming Shark Music Handbook is colourful and inspiring. Filled with quotes,  reflections, quizzes and graphics, this handbook allows you to stay on the path of using creativity to Transform Shark Music. Engage in the process long after the workshop is over!

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