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  THRiVE as a Sensitive Being in an Insensitive World   

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Are you a highly sensitive being? Do you consider your Self an empath? Do you want to THRIVE as a Sensitive Being in an Insensitive World?

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  • Discover our collective message as highly sensitive Intuitive Feeling type empaths.
  • Learn how two children inspired the creation of this magazine!
  • Uncover the hidden challenges to THRiVING as sensitive beings in an insensitive world. And, tap into Traditional Indigenous Knowledge to discover the solution. 
  • Delve into the mystery of personality types and how they influence our ability to have and maintain healthy boundaries. 
  • Examine how acquiring both Life Skills and Emotional Intelligence skills - as empaths - fosters within you the ability to connect to your Divine Nature and Individual Worth creating the environment within which you can THRiVE. 

Unveil the 6 step process to THRiVING as Sensitive Beings in an Insensitive World.

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Explore the 2020 THRIVE Mentoring Program!

THRiVE as a Sensitive Being Mentoring Program

As HeartCentred Intuitives (INFJ, ENFJ, INFP, ENFP, HSP), we share may traits in common. We are an ethical, idealistic, relationship-focused people. Our intent in the world is to create Harmonious People-Centred Workscapes, Lovescapes and Innerscapes. Because we trust our intuition over impulse, reason and authority we tend to be catalysts fostering change, growth and development in the hearts and lives of the people within our sphere of influence. And yet, by taking the role of harmonizer, we tend to experience four things: read more>>

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Standing Strong And Resilient  In the Face of Life's Storms ~ With Grace

Did you know there is something you can do to deal with the anxiety that has appeared as a result of the global storm that has appeared on the horizon?

Did you know that you can come out of it, without getting into a sticky mess, or crawling into a hole or striking out?

Those of us who do have the skills

– who have navigated turbulent times in the past –

will Flow through this period of time with ease.

If you have not made that transition yet, if you were experiencing self-doubt and uncertainty before this storm appeared that may have increased with all that has happened: there is a solution! You too can Standing Strong & Resilient in the Face of Life’s Storms ~ with Grace!

Stand Strong and Resilient >>

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