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The Courage to be Creative

At it's purest form, at its root, creativity is an expression of our emotions that provides healing to others when they think, feel or say, "I have been there. I get this. I am not alone." Healing happens when the following questions are, "How did you overcome that? How did you transform it? How did you transmute it?" 

For this reason, what we create can be instrumental in creating love and peace in the world: providing healing through self-love and self-acceptance as individuals who are not perfect but who are wholehearted. 

Doreen explores the reality of an artist, and the courage it takes to transform raw emotion into art, as the Artist. It takes courage to overcoming fears: the courage of self-discipline, time management and boundaries. She then takes us through the journey of sharing our art as the Art Manager. 

This book is used in conjunction with Brene Browns's Gifts of Imperfection for the Courage to Co-Create.

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