Tanis Helliwell

As a pioneer in the field of bringing spirituality into the mainstream at work, in Canada, Tanis Helliwell life work mirrors that of Doreen Virtue. Her understanding of the Soul-Infused personality (ego and spirit functioning together in a healthy relationship) is echoed by Anita Moorjani's after her near death experience in 2006. But, Tanis pioneered this work, here in Canada, prior to 1999!

Tanis Helliwell's relatively unknown legacy was her role in bringing spirituality into the mainstream as a corporate consultant. As a Canadian presenter, speaker and author, with sixteen years practicing as a therapist, Tanis began bringing spirituality into the workplace by teaching others how to develop as a soul-infused personality.  Her book, written in 1999, is a beautiful exploration teaching you and I to:

Take Your Soul to Work as a Soul-Infused Personality!

As founder of the International Institute of Transformation Tanis dedicates her life to guide others in their process of transformation interdependently and through a process of co-creation. 

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