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Take Your Soul to Work

The journey of taking your soul to work, as scribed by Tanis Helliwell, begins with the evolution of "work" over time, to our common quest for "Meaningful Work". After exploring the roles of personality (ego) and soul (spirit) Tanis guides us on creating a Soul-Infused Personality: one where ego and spirit work together in unison to manifest our individual purposes on earth. 

While we all engage on the hero's quest of taking the higher road at work, Tanis guides us through stories, providing tools that assist in the transformation process. 

For the Inner Transformation process, we learn how to develop a soul-infused personality by answering our individual soul's call, reprogramming ourselves for success, overcoming fear, and accessing our soul. 

One the inner work is done, for the remainder of the book, we begin the journey of manifesting our soul's paths externally. External Transformation begins the the exploration of the chakras. followed by a chapter dedicated to each one - reminding us how manifest our full potential, increase our vitality, master the material world, walk the path of the heart and create organizations with soul. 

This material will ring a familiar tune to those who have explored the work of Doreen Virtue and Anita Moorjani. There are many commonalities between their individual paths.  

But, Tanis was already teaching these topics, guiding people on their transformations long before Doreen's fateful carjacking in July of 1995 and Anita's near death experience in February 2006. And, she is Canadian - from BC! :)

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