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Ultimate Life Skills & Emotional Intelligence  Coaching & Mentoring

for Empathic & Sensitive  HeartCentred Intuitives


  • Enter the KivaGarden as a highly sensitive ~ often turbulent ~ being.
  • Exit the KivaGarden an Assertive Boundaried Individuated Empath!

  • (Please go to www.16Personalities.com to take the quiz. Get your results interpreted: Email Your Score. )

Standing Strong And Resilient  In the Face of Life's Storms ~ With Grace

As HeartCentred Intuitives (INFJ, ENFJ, INFP, ENFP, HSP), we share may traits in common. We are an ethical, idealistic, relationship-focused people. Our intent in the world is to create Harmonious People-Centred Workscapes, Lovescapes and Innerscapes. Because we trust our intuition over impulse, reason and authority we tend to be catalysts fostering change, growth and development in the hearts and lives of the people within our sphere of influence. And yet, by taking the role of harmonizer, we tend to experience four things:

  1. We sacrifice our own needs (and even the needs of our families and/or communities) in addressing the needs of our clients, our colleagues, and our superiors. 
  2. We find our Selfs caught "between a rock and a hard spot" with mixed loyalty to the organization we work/volunteer for and the people we serve.
  3. Our aversion to conflict, tension and contention leads to a lack of resolution when situations arise both in our personal and professional lives. 
  4. Our dreams of achieving great heights are sabotaged when our intent to provide autonomy backfires on us: our team members stop producing the very elements we intend on inspiring. The results appear and the peers/superiors take notice and action.   

In each of these situations we end up feeling drained. Depleted of our energy life's storms appear at an increasing and alarming rate as our ability and capacity to deal with them, cope with them, decreases on an ever apparent decline. 

If this has been happening to you I invite you to learn more about the:

Ultimate Life Skills & Emotional Intelligence for Empathic HeartCentred Intuitives™.

During this 1:1 session we will: 
  • Create a crystal clear vision of what it looks like for you to Stand Strong & Resilient in the Face of Life's Storms ~ With Grace
  • Uncover the hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your ability to achieving great heights resolve situations, and/or inspire others without self-sacrifice. 
  • Explore how to Stand Strong, with Grace, with impending Life Storms by revealing the importance of having, maintaining and reinforce impermeable boundaries
  • You will leave the session feeling renewed, re-energized, and inspired to Stand Strong as a sensitive HeartCentred Inuitive in your Workscapes, Lovescapes & Innerscapes.

Unveil the 5 Golden Keys to Standing Strong as a HeartCentred Intuitive!!!

How valuable would that be? 

How do you feel about exploring the Ultimate Life Skills & Emotional Intelligence for Empathic HeartCentred Intuitives™ that foster within you the ability to Standing Strong And Resilient In the Face of Life's Storms ~ With Grace?

Then, congratulations on your decision to create a crystal clear vision, to uncover hidden challenges and to emerge refreshed, renewed and energized as we travel: Standing Strong in the Face of Life's Storms ~ with Grace ~ TOGETHER! This is the best decision you can make for your Self at this time! 
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There is so much worth sharing ...

I've been reading for 45’ Kimber. You pulled me into it totally. This is all very relatable and vivid.

Though particularily the « Tucking my more spontaneous P aspect of my being (INFP) into my back pocket, I shifted into the J aspect of self. The planning part of my being (INFJ) took lead in the situation » — I do this EXACT thing the other way round. I almost theatrically do the moves when noone is watching

PS: – transitioning from INFJ-T to INFJ-A took me probably 10 years, 10 years ago (without knowing you ) and shifting visibility to cloak of invisibility by choice are still my...trick.

Thank you for this wealth of knowledge. There is so much worth sharing with more people.

Cleo. INFJ Author / Action Taker / Business Guru

What more people have to say...

I am really grateful for all you helped me with to connect to my true self.

Kimber, I have been in a constant state of Flow almost all week and it's been blissful! I am going to continue that on my days off but I know that rest is also important and for me that looks like reading and journalling and playing music, which keeps me in Flow.  So grateful to be Flowing. Mmmm. Life is beautiful... you have inspired me in so  many ways! I am really grateful for all you helped me with to connect to my true self. I'm feeling more connected to my intuition than ever and it's guiding me to keep following my bliss! 

Asha 24 yo female INFP-T~ mom / musician / nutritionist

I didn't know what decisions I could trust.

Hi Kimber, I am today having amazing breakthroughs!! I am breaking free from a lot of what we worked through together.  What a day for you to message me. 

Chantalle 28 yo female INFJ-T ~ real estate agent. 

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