Bringing in the new generation is a challenge. Things change over time. Parenting certainly has. But one thing has not: our intentions to raise our children as healthy happy contributing citizens. 

But how do we do that when we add the aspect of raising sensitive beings in an insensitive world? 

One thing is certain: we as sensitive beings are gifted sensitive beings that we may raise the up with and in integrity: that they may maintain their connection to the Divine: their Intuitive Feeling empathic (and often telepathic) natures. 

How do we do that when we were not raised in kind, when our parents, our family, our culture negated, minimized, marginalized, and silenced our intuitive and feeling way of being? So many of us adopted characteristics of thinking types and sensing types merely to survive. Others disconnected ourselves from Seeing, Feeling, Hearing and Knowing. 

Enter the sacred space of the Magical Meadow where you can parent both the next generation and yourSelf! 

 Kira's KivaGarden provides workshops to individuals and small groups.

Mentoring growth and development, it is here that sensitive people learn how to thrive on earth. 

The KivaGarden is for Intuitive Feeling  type empaths: Earth Angels, INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs, ENFPs; NXs and XFs. 
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