Harmonizing Work2 and Play

Much of our identity is defined by what we do at work. But who are we without that identity: when we retire or pass our business along? 

Our workplace identify creates a role, a purpose and relationships that support us in our goals and purposes.  

The first step of designing a life after the harvest, is to explore and rediscover ones purpose, to create a new role, and to establish relationships to sustain those goals. 

We can spend out time in our Comfort Zone, or we can extend ourselves, challenge ourselves to continue growing and learning by engaging in the Flow Optimal Experience Zone. And when we find ourselves in high anxiety, with too much challenge and not enough skills: we call our for assistance. 

Having completed the process of rediscovering your purpose, you will be ready to design your life: after the harvest! 

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    For over ten years Kimber Leigh Kara, MEd, has been guiding people of all stages of life and professions on how to husband their own personal energy. Through interactive workshops/mentoring Kimber Harmonizes Work2 and Play in Watch-Over-Me moments while guiding individuals in exploring how they both generate and expend energy in a healthy harmonious way. 

    *Increase Your Vitality*

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    NOTE: This event is external to Kira's KivaGarden; but this information is being provided because it is a program created by Dr. Brené Brown, whose life work on shame and shame resilience is at the foundation of the KivaGarden. And, one of the groups was led by a close friend of the KivaGarden. KK

 don't die with Your music still inside you

~ wayne dyer

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