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Raising a Secure Child

Secure attachment allow us  to explore our own worlds, and come back for comfort and protection when we feel safe and supported. That is when we can TRUST! Trust that our parent(s) is/are there: watching over us, delighting in us, and offering help when we need it! But, when life happens we need to have our cups filled with unconditional Love and Light through protection, comfort and understanding. 

But many of us have been raised in homes, families, environments where our sensitivities and empathic abilities have caused pain and frustration.  Being so completely misunderstood, many of us have made lifestyle choices that decrease our sensitivities as a coping mechanism. We respond with Shark Music not knowing how to Repair Ruptures in our relationships: including with our children. This is important for all children; but, especially so for our sensitive Earth Angels. For some this detachment and fragmentation triggers feelings of being lost, confused, or out of control as a result of not feeling safe and secure in our own realities. 

Glen Cooper, Kent Hoffman and Bert Powell are four clinical practitioners in family therapy who began conducting researcher on attachment theory, that has ripples, ramifications and implications for all of our relationships: including our relationships with our special Earth Angels! Check out  Raising Secure Earth Angels!

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 Kira's KivaGarden Harmonizes Work2 and Play by providing workshops and mentoring the self-actualization process: teaching sensitive people how to thrive on earth. 

The KivaGarden is a landcape for Intuitive Feeling Empathic Earth Angels: INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs, ENFPs. 
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