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Create a Secure Base, Foster Emotional Resilience

Based on 5 decades of research, the Circle of Security®provides parents and guardians a Road Map to creating secure attachments between themselves and their children or grandchildren- even themSelves! In fact ALL relationships benefit from:

  • Learning how to support others as they explore the world in Watch-Over-Me moments,
  • Anticipating and overcoming miscuing from Shark Music
  • Repairing ruptures through Time-Ins

Building on the Circle of Security® basics, engage in empathetic shifts that allows us to foster deeper and more meaningful attachments between ourselves and our sensitive Intuitive Feeling type children. This is essential for parents  and guardians of Earth Angel children who are sensitive to the emotions of others and their environments.  

This is a LIVE event.

Our other CoS® offerings include:  Circle of Security®-Parenting™ // Being With the Talent Gen for mentors //Raising Ourselves as Secure Earth Angels for highly sensitive adults (INFP, ENFP, INFJ, ENFJ). 

8 Interactive & Inspiring Modules

Module One

Introducing the Circle of Security

In addition to exploring the foundation of the Circle of Security®, with its rich history and with outcomes we all want for our families, this session explores the concept of Earth Angels - Intuitive Feeling types. We contemplate the characteristics of NFs (INFJ, ENFJ, INFP, ENFP) and how these characteristics have been discerned in children as young as two years old.

Time: 3 hours

 Exploring Our Children's Needs 

All of our children's needs are the same as they move around the Circle of Security®: whether on the top going out to explore the world, or on the bottom coming back in to fill their cup. Our role as parents is to be a Secure Base and a Safe Haven: to be the Hands. AND,  yet, as parents of sensitive children we can understand our role in their lives as we explore the difference between an Assertive Intuitive Feeling type personality and a Turbulent one to understand the significance of secure attachments for Intuitive Feeling types. 

Time: 3 hours

Module Two

Module Three

"Being With"

How do we handle our children when their emotions run high. While it is easy to find this answer when they are happy, excited or interested, what do we do when they are sad, hurt or confused? How do our children learn to manage their emotions? It is with a strong emotional foundation, learned within the context of a relationship, that they obtain emotional resilience.

AND,  yet, the concept of "Being With" becomes exponentially significant in the lives of Intuitive Feeling types who are exceptionally sensitive to their environments and other people's emotions. By exploring the life lessons of all Earth Angels, we as parents experience an empathic shift promoting our ability to be Hands for our children. 

Time: 3 hours

Being With Infant

All of us grow and develop when our emotional needs are filled: including infants. Attuning to their need by attending to shifts in their attention and emotion allows us to create secure attachments.  Witness how "Being With" infants teaches them how to organize their feelings so we can with children of all ages. 

AND,  yet, Emotional Regulation and Emotional Resilience are the fundamental skill set all Intuitive Feeling types. The first step to mastering these skills is through co-regulation. Explore the significance of these skills when it comes to Earth Angels of all ages. 

Time: 3 hours

Module Four

Module Five

the Path to Security

We all want the best for our children, but sometimes our personal Shark Music gets in the way of us providing the kind of hands we all want to provide - a Secure Haven - causing miscues

THEN AGAIN, the implications of our Shark Music and Miscues in our relationships with our children who have the capacity to feel and discern our emotions is relatively unknown. Thus, how we as adults cope with our emotions is fundamental to the mental and emotional well being of our Intuitive Feeling type Earth Angels.  Leaning into the discomfort, through our example, our children learn to do the same. 

Time: 3 hours

Exploring Our Struggles

How do we create relationships in which our children will come to us for help? We must find a balance between being "Bigger and Stronger" with being "Wiser and Kind". We need to discern when to "Take Charge". It is a delicate balance. As parents, guardians and caregivers we need to understand what happens when we lose the wisdom to stay in balance and the impact on our attachment with our children. 

BECAUSE, when our little empaths are exposed to our struggles, they often take them on as their own. As a coping method many Intuitive Feeling type children develop characters that are completely different and even inconsistent with their true natures as a result. Explore how maintaining the parent role allows our sensitive children to maintain their Core Identities.

Time: 3 hours

Module Six

Module Seven

Rupture and Repair

Rupture happens in all relationships. Security in a relationship is not based on the absence of ruptures but on the Repair of that rupture.  How does that happen? How do we Repair Ruptures so that attachments are secure? Creating "Time-Ins" make all the difference in the world towards Repairs that strengthen bonds. 

AND, when it comes to parenting sensitive beings teaching them - through role modelling - how to engage in Repairs provides them a lasting life skill that promotes their ability to cope with conflict in an insensitive world: with confidence rather than anxiety. 

Time: 3 hours

Closing the Circle: Our Circle

It is time to Celebrate our ability to be the kind of parent we want to be: a Secure Base and a Safe Haven with Hands that are Bigger, Stronger, Wiser and Kind because we have attuned ourselves to our children's need when they go out to Explore and come back to Fill-Their-Cups. Quieting our Shark Music and Repairing Ruptures we learn to create secure attachments with our sensitive Intuitive Feeling type Earth Angels.  We will see, and share our delight, as we share stories of how our children demonstrate greater confidence at being able to cope with the highly stimulating - and often insensitive - world  we live in.

Time: 3 hours

Module Eight

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