Fostering Secure Attachments

Life Skills and Emotional Intelligence for Families

Looking around it is easy to see that more and more of our children come to us with sensitivities. These sensitive beings are highly intuitive: Intuitive Feeling types (NFs) and Intuitive Thinking (NTs) types.   

As their parents we watch them with mysticism as what appears to be magical - to others - becomes a constant reality to us as their parents. And yet, they are only mirrors of ourSelves, sent to us to remind us of our own Intuitive natures. 

Knowing the struggles we experienced with our sensitivities - Seeing, Feeling, Hearing and Knowing what others do not - we wonder how to raise our little Earth Angels so that they can maintain their angelic qualities. 

That is what Raising Secure Earth Angels is about, created by/for/through an family of Earth Angels: Intuitive Feeling type (NFs). 

This is a LIVE event.

8 Interactive & Inspiring Modules

Module One

Earth Angels?

Are you - or your loved ones -  Intuitive Feeling types (NFs, INFJ, ENFJ, INFP, ENFP)? Are you sensitive beings? Do you have a strong foundation of trust in yourself, your community, the Divine? Would you like to explore ways of fostering security in your children. 

Explore the concepts and underpinnings of the philosophical foundation of the KivaGarden: the works of David Keirsey,  Brian L Weiss M.D. and Doreen Virtue.  

Time: 3 hours

 Exploring the Needs of Earth Angels 

One of the struggles of being a sensitive being in an insensitive world is that we - ourselves - don't understand our needs and how they differ from the majority of the population who are sensing types. 

While their lessons in life are connected to the concrete aspects of life on earth, the lessons for Intuitive feeling types are quite different. One basic life skill we need to master is Boundaries for Empaths.

Time: 3 hours

Module Two

Module Three

Feeling Fully

Having explored the both the Arousal and Illumination Cycles, we will expand your understanding of Emotional First Aid when it comes to sadness, fear, anger and joy. This is an introduction to the concepts expanded upon in Feeling Fully Part I.

Time: 3 hours

Speaking Daringly

Because many our children are so sensitive, they remain connected to the Divine.  As Crystals and Indigos they come with a purpose of restoring integrity in organizations, processes and the like. Where do they start: in our homes! Couple that with the gifts of Divine Truth or Divine Wisdom and we - as their parents - are in for a lesson on how to Speaking Daringly that they may be able to continue to do so themselves. 

Time: 3 hours

Module Four

Module Five

Seeing Clearly

It is a miraculous reality when we - and our children - are able to See, Feel, Hear and Know what others of the sensing variety negate, silence, minimize and marginalize. 

There is a struggle in the world to maintain our identities when the reality we experience is entertainment and fantasy to others. Maintaining security in our selves - and fostering it in others - requires our ability to See Clearly.

Time: 3 hours

Co-Creating Courageously

Now that we have strengthened our foundation in being able to See/Hear/Feel and Know ourSelves, our Community and the Divine, how do we channel our emotional energetics into creation? How to we tap into the creator/creatress within to create works of art that heal our Selves, our families, our communities and Mother Earth? This session is a stepping stone towards the Life Skill  of Creating Courageously.

Time: 3 hours

Module Six

Module Seven

Manifesting Powerfully

In some cultures that existed here on Turtle Island long before the Boat People came, it was the role of the elders to identify the natural skills and abilities of the young ones - for their parents were tending to their physical needs. It was these elders who identified the gifts and abilities making the networking connections required for the young child to master them through mentoring, teaching, and guidance. 

We Manifesting Powerfully when we understand the concept of Flow for ourSelves so we can ensure we are guiding our children without projecting our hopes and dreams on them but instead fostering their natural capabilities. 

Time: 3 hours

Being Mindful of Me

Being Mindful of Me reminds us to model, mentor, guide and teach our children to take care of their whole being: body, mind, heart and soul. We are reminded to fill our cups by maintaining our  Boundaries, and applying both Life Skills and Emotional Intelligence in all that we do. 

Time: 3 hours

Module Eight

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