Fostering Secure Attachments

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Create a Secure Base, Foster Emotional Resilience within OurSelves

Very few of us, who are Intuitive Feeling types (INFJ, ENFJ, INFP, ENFP including those who are NXs) have developed a strong sense of self. Instead being misunderstood, feeling like a misfit, and berated for being so sensitive many of us have developed various coping skills (some of which are not healthy at all) to cope with our sensitivities. 

But did you know that when we tap into our innate characteristics by leaving behind the turbulence, connect to our Core Identities and find in our Idealistic way of being, we have the capacity to bring about meaningful change: in our families, in our workplaces, in our communities at large. 

  • Learning how to support yourself as you explore the world (both internally and externally) in Watch-Over-Me moments,
  • Anticipating and overcoming miscuing from  your own Shark Music
  • Repairing ruptures through Time-Ins as part of your basic self-care.

Engage in empathetic shifts bringing deep awareness and insights as to how your character formed, how it deviated from your original temperament, and how to foster emotional regulation not only for others but also for yourself! 

For Highly Sensitive Adults

This is a LIVE event.

Our other CoS® offerings include:  Circle of Security®-Parenting™ // Being With the Talent Gen for mentors// Raising Secure Earth Angels for parents of sensitive children

8 Interactive & Inspiring Modules

Module One

Introducing the Circle of Security

In addition to exploring the foundation of the Circle of Security®, with its rich history and with outcomes we all want for our families, this session explores the concept of Earth Angels - Intuitive Feeling types. We contemplate our shared characteristics as NFs (INFJ, ENFJ, INFP, ENFP): finding connections through the descriptions and stories of others who are very much like us!

Time: 3 hours

 Exploring Our Needs on the Circle 

All of our children's needs are the same as they move around the Circle of Security®: whether on the top going out to explore the world, or on the bottom coming back in to fill their cup. Our role as parents is to be a Secure Base and a Safe Haven: to be the Hands. AND,  yet, many of our parents did not know how to support us in our exploration or understand our experiences as sensitive beings. As we learn to identify our own needs we are better able to articulate them. 

Time: 3 hours

Module Two

Module Three

"Being With"

How do we handle our own emotions run high? As sensitive feeling type beings we often experience intense emotions that may or may not be sourced within our own beings. Often they are compounded or layered in an intricate mosaic or web: happy, excited or interested, what do we do when we are sad, hurt or confused? How do we build emotional resilience? 

AND,  yet, the concept of "Being With" becomes exponentially significant in the lives of those of us who are Intuitive Feeling types as we are are exceptionally sensitive to our environments and other people's emotions. Through the concept of co-regulation we learn to be Hands for ourSelves in addition to learning how to teach others about our emotional needs. 

Time: 3 hours

Being With OurSelves

All of us grow and develop when our emotional needs are filled: including infants yet many of us are often alone when we deal with the over stimulation of an insensitive world.  Witnessing caregivers  "Being With" infants fosters within us self-compassion and acceptance for our emotional needs to heal through connection. 

AND,  so, because Emotional Regulation and Emotional Resilience are the fundamental skill set all Intuitive Feeling types  must master to increase our quality of life, through this session we learn to grant permission to ourselves to engage in co-regulation - not only taking care of others but also ourSelves. 

Time: 3 hours

Module Four

Module Five

the Path to Security

We all want the best for our children, but sometimes our personal Shark Music gets in the way of us providing the kind of hands we all want to provide - a Secure Haven - causing miscues

THEN AGAIN, the implications of our own Shark Music and Miscues in our relationships as Intuitive Feeling types is huge. Understanding what a Miscue is, why it happens, while overcoming our own Shark Music, decreases the drama that many of us experience in our relationships. Once we are able to identify our needs as equally as important as the emotional needs of others: our health and well being improves!  

Time: 3 hours

Exploring Our Struggles

Finding a balance between being "Bigger and Stronger" with being "Wiser and Kind" is a challenge to many Earth Angels who experience discomfort when they need to "Take Charge".  As adults taking care of our own emotional needs, understanding what happens when we lose the wisdom to stay in balance is fundamental to creating secure attachments with ourSelves and those within our sphere of influence. And yet, many of us Intuitive Feeling types children characters that were completely  inconsistent with our true natures. Many of us either became desensitized to our emotions by expanding our thinking abilities or shut off our intuition by becoming more sensing oriented. Exploring our struggles provides a pathway back to our true selves and our Core Identities. 

Time: 3 hours

Module Six

Module Seven

Rupture and Repair

Rupture happens in all relationships, and yet as sensitive beings conflict, upset, and ruptures can induce levels of stress and anxiety beyond what is experiences by those that are not so sensitive. Often it is easier for us to ignore that a rupture happened, to take responsibility for the actions of others, or to simply stay away. Yet, security in a relationship is not based on the absence of ruptures but on the Repair of that rupture.  

Learning how to sit in the fire, learning how to lean into the discomfort, learning how to repair a relationship rupture builds within us an inner strength that allows us to go forward and identify our needs instead of miscuing all the time. 

Time: 3 hours

Closing the Circle: Our Circle

By the time we complete the Circle of Security 7 week sessions we have a greater capacity to fill our emotional needs. In this session we explore the Hands around us to discern who is able to support our needs for exploration and who is able to fill our needs to Fill-Our-Cups. We expand this exploration by including how we can be our own Hands. These fundamental lessons broaden our ability and scope to go out into the world as sensitive Intuitive Feeling Type Earth Angels knowing not only how to fill the emotional needs of others but also - and more importantly - to take care of the needs of ourSelves.  That is how we Raise OurSelves as Secure Earth Angels!

Time: 3 hours

Module Eight

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