Kira's KivaGarden is a sacred space for you to grow as an individual, as an Intuitive Feeling type, as a sensitive being, as an empath! Remain in Perfect Alignment. Manifest your Divine Gifts with integrity. Love your Self. Explore the Boundaries for Empaths Workshop.  First, contemplate the following questions:

  • How consistent are you with your Divine Nature? 
  • How fully do you manifest your Individual Worth for all to see? 
  • How well do you preserve your integrity: body, mind, heart and spirit?
  • How well do you maintain Alignment with who you were created to be?
  • How are you at maintaining your Spheres of Protection? 
  • Would you like to explore how to transform from an empath who consumes cosmic garbage to a World Changer who produces light?

It is safe to be You! 

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