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With your quiver filled with hope, your heart filled with love, your spirit filled with motivation: embark on the journey of Passion Planning and Rediscovering Your Purpose. How you will balance your roles and responsibilities? Map out your plans with care, by first considering: What is Your Game Changer right now?

But, not so fast, take time to notice the landscape. Take time to detail the hills and valleys. Notice the stumbling spots where others have trodden. Explore what you have in your Career and Life Skills Arsenal that will allow you to overcome obstacles and barriers: both those within and those without. Contemplate how you will balance your roles and responsibilities.

Attract your goals with clarity. Manifest them with persistence, perseverance, determination while at the same time Letting Go of Exhaustion as a Status Symbol by integrating Rest and Play!  

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4 Interactive & Inspiring Modules

Module One

Create Your Passion Road Map

The Passion Planner was created by Millennial Angelia Trinidad upon graduation after spiraling into depression: not knowing how to map her future.  (Read her story.)  Overcome the difficult transition from university to career by exploring your goals:short and long term. 

Time: 2 hours

Contemplate your Game Changers. 

Using your own Passion Planner, map out your own future by creating plans to tackle the Game Changers using both the Mind Mapping and the Space of Infinite Possibilities available weekly. Expand your goals by integrating: Water, Habit and Workout Trackers.

Time: 2 hours

Module Two

Module Three

Give and Receive  Social Support

There are three kinds of social support we all need  that fills the needs of our minds, hearts and spirits. They are also the elements that foster emotional resilience in the face of disappointment, adversity and disconnection. Give & Receive Social Support.

Time: 2 hours

Be Accountable

Find and provide even greater support to one another by holding each other accountable for the goals set to tackle Game Changers. Having experienced safety in the group, share your personal experiences from a place of vulnerability and authenticity when it comes to the Monthly Reflections. 

Time: 2 hours

Module Four

You Also Get...


Grow Your Passion Career Tribe

Alumni of Kira's Passion Planning Workshop are invited to attend monthly Passion Planning Gatherings.  

Here, alumni continue to cultivate Emotional and Spiritual Resilience thus overcoming the need to numb and shield in the face of adversity. (Guidepost #3 of Brene Brown's Gifts of Imperfection.)

Time: 2 Session ~ 2 hours each

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