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Do you feel lost, dazed and confused?

Have you lost a level of certainty - a degree of confidence - with the impending storms on the horizon. 

Are you in a role that requires you to be a leader?

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Current events have evoked states of chaos and inner turbulence at unprecedented rates in leaders - coaches, consultants and experts - who were formerly sturdy and strong, directed and clear. The landscape has changed.

The Truth is:  you are knocked out of your comfort zone when you have not developed the skills you need to get through a blindsiding challenging situation.

Confidence, security, certainty is what your work and family need from you.

I am going to share a secret.....

There is a solution.

You can stand strong and resilient during a storm!

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Standing Strong & Resilient during a Storm

I watched my mentor as he gave a presentation. It was broadcasted in early February 2020. There he stood in his living room, completely undeterred by the torrential tropical storm that was evident through the window behind him.

I watched him: focused, intent, convicted. Whatever was happening outside: didn’t exist.

 I saw Tenacity. I saw Grit. I saw Strength. I saw Power. 

I Saw him in his Zone.

Is that what you need right now? Certainty? Confidence? Resilience? Flow?

Globally we have been presented a opportunity to grow. It isn’t comfortable. It isn’t easy, but ... the secret is: you can rise again, we can all rise again! 

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Some times we simply need a Beacon of Light to show us the way home.

I know, because I have been there over and over again.

And I Know that it is when I have accepted the sustaining support of those who are able to sustain me when I need a refuge from the storm or a springboard into life that I have achieved greater heights than if I was alone.

My confidence in this process of transforming -Turbulence to confidence and security has expanded because I have seen it time and again with the people I have worked with – both individuals and in groups. Witnessing the transmutation from being plagued with self-doubt and insecurity to confidence and resilience is miraculous!

Until now, all that has been kept a secret. 

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This transition from turbulence to confidence is possible! It can happen. It does happen all the time in the KivaGarden!

Imagine if you could maintain that sense of security and confidence in all aspects of your life regardless of the weather outside.

Imagine if you could obtain such Trust and Confidence in your Self and the process, that you Understood the Winds of Change, the terrain and the watercourse so well that everyone in your boat felt confident in your leadership regardless of the size of the team you lead.

How valuable would that be to you?

It is possible.

It is obtainable.

It is available: right now!

But first I want to tell you…

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I have confidence in me

I fully believe that my life has prepared me for this moment in time.

I fully believe that my ten years of experience of guiding people through personal and professional storms has prepared me for this moment in time.

I fully believe that the darkness that has descended upon the earth allows for my Light to shine far and wide, for it could not be seen in the bright of day.

And I believe that when you tap into my skills, abilities and resources that you will discover within your Self the ability and willingness to lead with authentic Courage, Tenacity and Will. Your Bravery will stand forward as a testament to all within your reach and even those beyond.

Thus and therefore, I invite you to contact me.

In Spirit,

It’s time to ==> [ Connect ]

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Thanks for being the warrior-light you are. 

I'm always impressed with your passion and authenticity in the work you do. You're very creative and insightful in how you are creating and implementing new and meaningful ways of supporting those who need guidance in fully understanding the essence of their spirit and purpose here on Mother Earth. You've much work to do and a strong spirit to do it. You're inspiring in many ways. Thanks for being the warrior-light you are. 

Your kindness is sunshine on the hearts of those who are looking for passage into the greater self and greater reality. You are helping them to see the light of their soul in their hearts and carefully helping to build that light into a beacon of hope for themselves and for others. 

Lewis Cardinal ~ Canadian Indigenous Activist & CEO of  Cardinal Strategic Communications.

You understand people. You understand me.

Kimber, I can not thank you enough for what you did for me. It is hard for me to put a value on that. I think you provided me with help that I really don't think anyone else could have done. You are an amazing person and I am so grateful to have met you... because you have been a big source of motivation for me to pursue this MBA. You understand people. You understand me, and what you did to help me out was exactly what I needed. 

Justin McGregor ~ Business Executive

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[Kimber] has this fascinating way of engaging you.

I had a really productive and moving coaching session with Kimber. She really knows her stuff and uses it elegantly with her intuitive skills and her own processes. She took the time to really listen to what I needed and asked questions that really helped me to get clarity and stay motivated to stick with the process. She took the time to get to know me and how I worked so that she could coach me in the best way for me. I was really impressed by that and we covered a lot of ground. In a short period of time we layed out a plan of how I could use my gifts and expertise acquired over 26 years of consulting and develop both a physical product and what services I could offer through coaching. She has this fascinating way of engaging you and staying engaged herself that I found really valuable. I would highly recommend her services. GO!!!!!!! Kimber !!!!!!!! :-) <3 

D'Tarelle, Entrepreneur, Happy Results Coach.

I was able to discover that her commitment to passion is absolute.

I'm relatively new to Kimber's world. But in a short time, I was able to discover that her commitment to passion is absolute. Her commitment to helping people find what they're passionate about, and to integrate that in both work and play. I call myself a major fan! Alain

I found Kimber's presentation to be very enlightening.. and heartfelt.

I found Kimber's presentation to be very enlightening as well as extremely interesting and heartfelt. She speaks with passion and is full of integrity in her personality and her beliefs. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to come to better understand themselves and their family and friends and who want to improve their lives and their relationships. Marj

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