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If you have read Many Lives, Many Masters then you know that when Dr Brian Weiss uses the wording "the Masters", he is referring to two things:

1. The Masters is the sphere in which we enter in the Afterlife, also referred to many as heaven. It is here that our energetic being experiences a Life Review, refreshes and rejuvenates before exploring options and opportunities for our next life experience. 

2. The Masters are the teachers and guides that appear, communicating with us while in this in-between sphere: filled with Wisdom, Love, Divinity and Truth. 

It was during Dr Weiss's experiences with Catherine, as written in Many Lives, Many Masters, that he began to explore the Masters on both levels. It is the Wisdom, Light and Knowledge that he explores in this book: Messages from the Masters: Tapping into the Power of Love.  Here, Dr Weiss weaves in his experiences with Catherine and other individuals who have experienced past life regressions through hypnosis. 

While very few are able to experience this realm, it is heartening for those of us who do - or who simply remember it as Earth Angels - to read the Messages from the Masters. 

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