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Many Lives, Many Masters

Are you wondering about past lives and past life regressions or soul re-alignments? 

Are you a bit cynical, or cautious about exploring this avenue? Or, simply curious about it all? 

Then you are ready to enjoy this book, Many Lives, Many Masters, by Dr. Brian Weiss MD. As a prominent psychiatrist Dr Weiss was working with a patient he named "Catherine" in his book. She had many anxieties and was not responding to traditional therapies, so, Dr Weiss explored hypnosis with her. Unbeknownst to him, because he dropped out the reference to her childhood when he asked a specific question: she went back in time - to another life. 

Dr Weiss, a true thinking type, was baffled by this and following experiences. His intellectualization, his rationalization, his research defeated him. And in the end, with one profound experience in/with the Masters (the sphere we enter between lives),  Dr Weiss began to realize a new philosophy was unfolding before him. 

Later, though this and other experiences, Dr Weiss would undergo a profound transformation to manifest characteristics of an Intuitive Feeling type Idealist (NF).  Maintaining his strong scientific logic based background he now exhibits characteristics of both NFs and NTs becoming an NX: a bridge for other NTs to cross into the realm of intuition combined with feelings sourced in Divinity. 

There are many talks by Dr Weiss about this book and the experiences herein available as podcasts on iTunes. And/Or, expand on your experience and knowledge by reading Messages from the Masters, also by Dr Weiss.  

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