Magical Meadow

Kira's Magical Meadow is sacred space where we learn to trust: ourselves, our community, and the Divine. Grounded in the 8 session The Circle of Security®

  1. Circle of Security® - Parenting the basic program
  2. Circle of Security® - for Professionals for individuals working with children, families, or clients
  3. Raising Secure Earth Angels for parents of sensitive children
  4. Raising Ourselves as Secure Earth Angels for sensitive beings: NFs, INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs, ENFPs, NXs
  5. Being With the Talent Gen for mentors and teachers working with Millennial (Y) and the Z Generation

  • Have you had difficult family relations, never quite having a sense of belonging? 
  • Have you been concerned about your sensitivities as an HSP? co-dependent, conflict avoidant person? 
  • Do you seek to have healthy relationships at home, at work, and at play?
  • Do you choose to have stronger relationships with yourself, your community, or the Divine?

It is safe to trust: ourselves, our community and the Divine! 

Learn more about The Circle of Security through the videos below, and Contact Us if you need assistance in deciding which version to enroll in or to find out more about our Family Group option. 

Circle of Security International Videos

Only Registered Circle of Security Parenting Facilitators (RCOSPFs) are licensed to facilitate CoS-P.

Go to Circle of Security International for more information on how to beccome a RCOSPF.


Here's a key to secure parenting in less than three minutes.

Circle of Security Animation 

A tour of the Circle in about four minutes.

Being-With and Shark Music

At the heart of the Circle of Security is the art of Being-With. This capacity includes
knowing what gets in the way, something we call shark music.

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