Magical Meadow

Kira's Magical Meadow is sacred space where we learn to trust: ourselves, our community, and the Divine. 

  1. Raising Secure Earth Angels for parents of sensitive children
  2. Raising Ourselves as Secure Earth Angels for sensitive beings: NFs, INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs, ENFPs, NXs
  3. Being With the Talent Gen for mentors and teachers working with Millennial (Y) and the Z Generation (in the creative process)

  • Have you had difficult family relations, never quite having a sense of belonging? 
  • Have you been concerned about your sensitivities as an HSP? co-dependent, conflict avoidant person? 
  • Do you seek to have healthy relationships at home, at work, and at play?
  • Do you choose to have stronger relationships with yourself, your community, or the Divine?

It is safe to trust: ourselves, our community and the Divine! 

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