Healing Through Teaching

Life Skills for Empaths

According to David Keirsey in his book Please Understand Me II 15% of the population are Intuitive Feeling types (NFs, INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs, ENFPs). As a result very few resources have been created by NFs, for NFs. 

The KivaGarden is dedicated to providing resources and supports that welcome wellness and allow us - as sensitive beings - to thrive and self-actualize in a sensing world.  

There are three offerings:

  1. Trusting Securely in the Magical Meadow,
  2. Creating Courageously in the Opalescent Orchard, and
  3. Manifesting Powerfully at the Galvanizing Fireside.

It is safe to Trust, Create and Discern.

Trusting Securely, Creating Courageously, and Manifesting Powerfully are all independent workshops.

Life Skills for Empaths Series

Each workshop is available through one-on-one mentoring or you can Create-Your-Own-Group and Save. 

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