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Life Altering Articles for Sensitive & Empathic HeartCentred Intuitives

by: Kimber KivaGarden  Storyteller | Mentor | Author | Keynote Speaker at KivaGarden

When I interact with Kimber, getting in touch with my Highest-Self/Soul/Oneness/Infinite-Intelligence is so easy and effortless. 

I get more energy with her. I might feel tired, drained, tightness, aches , and she opens me up. I Feel, See, Think and Know that I can make the world a better place. 

All she's doing is reminding me of who I AM. That I have It, that there is nothing wrong with me. I Am Strong, Worthy, Full of Love, Potential and I can give in the great capacity that my heart wants to (without feeling used and abused). 

How is Kimber doing this? 

By listening and gingerly correcting my words and thoughts about Life. Giving me empowering words, for my weaker words that describe Everything. Which is important because I must be real about myself and reality (know exactly where I am at to get to where I am trying to go.... without beating my self down). Patrick 

Decline the Invitation to Join the Global Panic Attack

I was in the mountains the first time I experienced it.

It was the third year of my Bachelor of Science. My friend, Linda, had secured a position working for a prominent research scientist in the field of ecology. At the time he was studying the alpine lakes in Banff National Park. Through Linda, I was able to join her, out in the field, in a volunteer capacity. read more >>

The  HeartCentred Intuitives™  the Hypnotist & the Balloon

Did you ever hear the one about the HeartCentred Intuitive, the Hypnotist and the balloon? Discover what happened during a "Hypnosis in the Garden" event. Contemplate how this translates to People Centered Workscape? Segue into an MBTI Myers Briggs team building event at a University. Experience healing. KNOW together we can raise our internal levels of self-love and belonging by tapping into our Divine Nature and Infinite Worth grounded in a deep and abiding connection to both Divinity and Divine Love: spirit and heart, intuition and feelings.  read more >>

Two Ultimate Life Skills for Empathic HeartCentred Intuitives™  that create Harmonious People-Centered Workscapes

What are the 2 Ultimate Life Skills that EVERY Empathic Centred Intuitive MUST know to create Harmonious People-Centered Workscapes? What are the differences when considering the difference between boomers, X Gens, Millenials (Talent Generation)? read more >>

The  HeartCentred Intuitives™  Hearing Clearly without Abrasiveness

Have you ever been in a situation where the sounds around you annoy you? Do they raise the level of tension and stress in your physical being? All of a sudden a sound erupts, and your ability to concentrate, stay in Flow simply dissolves?

Maybe it is the lawnmower in the neighbourhood. Maybe it is the sound of a dog howling at the unheard siren. Maybe it is the screech of metal on metal of the subway or the echo of children talking and babies crying in an enclosed area.

I am with you.

Light Precedes Sound  Intuition in the Workplace

How do you overcome the challenges of being a sensitive HeartCentred Intuitive in the workplace? Have you ever experienced this? The Light-Precedes-Sound form of Intuition? The kind of intuition where you know something before everyone else does? You say something, seconds or days before a manager/leader/mentor/teacher says it? What are the ripples and ramifications of Light-Preceding-Sound Intuition in the workplace? How can we foster greater Understanding and Acceptance either for your Self or your colleagues that are highly intuitive? read more >>

Why INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs, ENFPs? Why  HeartCentred Intuitives?

Yesterday I was asked, "Why HeartCentred Intuitives™? Why INFPs, ENFPs, INFJs, ENFJs?"

The inquisitor was already coming to understand that my Purpose is to provide healing by raising the levels of self-love and belonging of feeling-based intuitives (INFP, ENFP, INFJ, ENFJ), thereby transforming -Turbulent identities into -Assertive ones. But, "Why?"   read more >>

Unveil the 6 step process to THRiVING as Sensitive Beings in an Insensitive World.

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