Let Your Light Sign

Each Sunday, as a child, when I visited my grandmother's house, I watched with keen interest as the sign language interpreter, in the corner of her television screen, moved her hands. "What is she saying?" I wondered. ;)

Years later my friend Kate's daughter was born with Down Syndrome. Because she was not speaking, we began to use baby sign with her. 

Flash forward several years and another baby is born, only this time she was born deaf.  Our church community surrounded her family with love as several members of the congregation stepped forward to both teach and learn sign language so that she would always be surrounded by people who could communicate with her. I was one of the learners. But learning sign was not easy for me. It took me two years to learn what others were uptaking in one. That was until I stepped forward to interpret the music. 

At that time one of our sign language teachers, who was deaf, began to attend church with us. Because of how profoundly music has touched my life, because of how often and deeply the Spirit of God has moved me through music: I wanted Tom to be able to experience what I did. when I listened to  music  With shaking hands I sat at the front of the church. It took me two years to become comfortable and competent enough to sign in a way that allowed the Spirit to flow through me. Shaking hands transformed into tears as I was moved by the music along with the beauty and grace of interpreting song into sign. I could see in Tom's eyes, I had obtained my goal; he could feel it too. 

Christmas, 2017, having witnessed me each Sunday sign-along to the Worship Team, I was asked by several people to teach sign. So it is.  ~ Kimber

Join us: Let Your Light Sign! 



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