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It is safe to know. That is what Kira's KivaGarden  is all about: knowing yourSelf, your community and the Divine from the perspective of an Intuitive Feeling type (NF) empath.  Charged with a global mission as an Earth Angel that remembers the Masters/Heaven/the Angelic Realm: your first task is to Know thyself. Then you are better able to guide others on their individual paths of self discovery, personal growth and development. That is what we as Idealists are all about: relationships! Once we have acquired the skills of trust, creativity, discernment, and various aspects of emotional intelligence, it it time for us to empower ourselves to engage with the world from the stance: it is safe to Know. 

  • Is there miscommunication, shame, or anything else in your past that would cause you to disempower yourself, or allow others to disempower you?
  • Do you want to increase your Self Esteem? 
  • Have you already strengthened your Personal Power, and Vision for your Self
  • Is it time to engage Divine Energy in your path and process of life on earth? 

Experience an environment where is safe to Know! 

This workshop is under development. It will be available September 2019. 

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