Opalescent Orchard

Kira's Opalescent Orchard is a safe space to explore the concepts of creativity. Tapping into the concepts of experts in the field of creativity, coupled with a Master in Education on the topic of creativity: we will explore how to create a sphere of protection around yourself when it comes to expressing yourSelf creatively. For there is one thing that is certain: learning how to express your feelings through creativity can be an  extremely vulnerable experience.  Surely, it is safe to Create! 

  • Did you once make you have Vow of Chastity or Poverty in a past life that is effecting you today?
  • Have you added Unjustified Karma to this chakra in your Acashic Records?
  • Have you had difficulty  managing finances -  struggling to hold on to what you manifest - due to limitation or suffering? 
  • Do/Did you have a tear on your 2nd chakra? 
  • Do you experience challenges when it comes to expressive creative energy ?
  • Do you have the Gift of Divine Creation? or Divine Order? or any other Divine Gift?

It is safe to co-create abundance: financial, creative and otherwise! 

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