Where do you go when you are experiencing a change in your life being: an empty nester, semi-retired, retired or succeeding your business? 

 Come to Kira's Opalescent Orchard After the Harvest!

Kira's Opalescent Orchard is a special space for empty nesters, retirees and former business owners (or those who are soon to be) who are faced with the questions: Without my children, work, or my business, who am I? What do I do with all this time? What is my purpose? How do I design my life? How do I Hamronize Work2 and Play now? Kira's Opalescent OrchardTM has three offerings to guide your process we can engage in, together, to design your life: after the harvest. The Gift of Time, Rediscovering Purpose, and Design Your Life after the Harvest are all available with the individualized attention of one-on-one sessions. 

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