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The KivaGarden Landscape ~ WayShowers:

There are four main goals and objectives of the work undertaken and explored at the KivaGarden. Each attributes to the self-actualization process.

Thriving happens when we as sensitive beings (INFJ, ENFJ, INFP, ENFP check out if you don't know your personality type) cultivate: a higher self esteem, mindful self care, more happiness and stronger relationships with ourSelves, our community and the Divine.

Explore what the KivaGarden has to offer throughout the landscape ...

The KivaGardenTM offers Workshops and Mentoring Grounded in the works of:     

The KivaGarden Landscape

The landscape of the KivaGarden includes: a magical meadow, a galvanizing fireside, an enchanted wood, a gazebo pavilion and an opalescent orchard. Each of these sacred spaces caters to the wellness needs of specific individuals depending on stages of life as: parents, world changers,  adventurers, mentors and individuals experiencing life changes. Exploring each aspect of the KivaGarden means discovering resources and mentoring on various topics associated with wellness: individually and in community, at home, at work, and at play. Enter the KivaGarden seeking respite. Leave the KivaGarden illuminated, invigorated and refreshed. 

The KivaGarden Tour

Kira's Magical Meadow

Workshops for Parents and Teachers

Kira's Magical Meadow is special gathering place for all parents, guardians, caregivers and teachers: especially those of sensitive children.  Kira's Magical Meadow offers four versions of CircleofSecurity-Parenting (CoS-P) as pre-requisites to Transforming Shark Music and Filling Your Cup

If you or your child is sensitive - Intuitive Feeling Type (an NF), an Earth Angels, an Indigo, a Crystals or a Rainbows - Kira's Magical Meadow  is a place for you. 

Kira's Galvanizing Fireside

Workshops & Mentoring For World Changers

Kira's Galvanizing Fireside is a gathering space created especially for World Changers in the Pursuit of Purpose while Harmonizing Work2 and Play. 

Indigos, Crystals, Millennial and the young-at-heart: expand your career planning beyond what it available at local universities, colleges and career development centers. Together we will cultivate a viable career tribe, fill your quiver with the power of hope, before engaging in planning your passion.  

Kira's Enchanted Wood

Workshops & Mentoring For Adventurers

Kira's Enchanted Wood is a space created for adventurers seeking to Harmonize Work2 and Play while integrating the Gifts of Imperfection towards Wholehearted Living. In conjunction with the works of Doreen Virtue and Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, with Brene Brown's 10 Guideposts,  the KivaGardenTM has three offerings for those on the path of becoming. Each is a four part workshop series integrating heart and soul. 

Come! Let Go of Exhaustion, Discover Courage to Co-Create, and Manifest Meaningful Work

Kira's Gazebo Pavilion

Workshops For Mentors

Kira's Gazebo Pavilion is a gathering place for mentors who emulate wholeheartedness so others can do the same. As fellow practitioners who are dedicated to the process of self-reflection, introspection, growth and development on the path of becoming, the Gazebo Pavilion has offerings for professional development in community.  

Discover resources and supports that embody Wholeheartedness in Action: Transitions for Mentors, a Workshop Co-Op, and Women's MasterMind Groups. 

Kira's Opalescent Orchard

One-on-Ones For those Experiencing Life Changes

Kira's Opalescent Orchard™ is a special space for empty nesters, retirees and former business owners (or those who are soon to be) who are faced with the questions: Without my children, work, or my business, who am I? What do I do with all this time? What is my purpose? How do I design my life? How do I Harmonize Work2 and Play, now? Kira's Opalescent OrchardTM has three offerings to guide your process we can engage in, together, to design your life: after the harvest. The Gift of Time, Rediscovering Purpose, and Design Your Life after the Harvest are all available with the individualized attention of one-on-one sessions. 

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