Mentors, follow the trail through the Enchanted Wood to Kira's Gazebo Pavilion

Discover Resources and Supports that embody Wholeheartedness in Action!

Times have changed with it the needs of workers in the workplace have also changed. The needs and values of the Talent Generation (Millennial and Gen Z) are having a dramatic impact on businesses and organizations around the world. Kira's Gazebo Pavilion is a gathering place for mentors who have a desire to future-proof organizations by emulate Wholeheartedness so others can do the same. As fellow mentors who are dedicated to the process of self-reflection, introspection, growth and development on the path of becoming, Kira has three offerings for professional development in community.  Discover resources and supports that embody Wholeheartedness in Action: "Being With" the Talent Generation, Transforming Shark Music and Filling My Own Cup

NOTE: Words in italics are Circle of Security® concepts.  Only Registered Circle of Security Parenting Facilitators (RCOSPFs) are licensed to facilitate CoS-P.

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