Coming 2020!!!

The Gazebo Pavilion

Once we have tapped into the colours of emotions, it is time to enter Kira's Gazebo Pavilion  where we engage in Emotional Alchemy. Here we infusing boundaries, discernment, and empowerment into our decision making process. 

  • Do you experience challenges when it comes to speaking Truth as an Advisor, Mediator, Teacher?
  • Is Speaking Daring!y an important concept for you?
  • Are you a change making Crystal or Indigo?
  • Do you find that you hold back from sharing your thoughts and feelings with others?
  • Do people comment about you talking incessantly, but not really having much to say?
  • Have you - at any time - taken a vow of silence?
  • Do you perceive yourself as embodying Divine Communication? Divine Truth? or Divine Wisdom? 

Create an environment where is safe to say! 

This workshop is under development. It will be available September 2019. 

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