Available January 2020!

The Enchanted Wood

Kira's Enchanted Wood is a dedicated to creating healthy hearts filled with love.  It is here that we explore the colours of emotions: their intensities, their physiological counterparts, their wisdom in guiding us.  Here we set the groundwork before engaging in Emotional Alchemy: infusing boundaries, discernment, and empowerment into our decision making process. 

  • How are you doing when it comes to owning, feeling, giving voice to your own feelings?
  • What happens to you when you become overwhelmed with anger, fear, saddness or joy (and their permutations, combinations and intensities)?
  • How do you manage empathically connecting to these same core feelings in others?
  • Does "love, love, love deplete" describe your experiences in life?
  • Do/Did you have a tear on your 4th chakra? 
  • Have you attached to Negative Thought-Forms that Love Hurts?
  • Have you accepted Negative Intentions of guilt, lack or limitation? 
  • Have you added Unjustified Karma to this chakra in your Akashic Records?
  • Do you have the Gift of Divine Compassion? or Divine Love & Healing? Divine Truth?
  • Is your Soul Group Unconditionally Loving? 

It is safe to love: yourSelf and others! 

NOTE: there are Two Parts to Feeling Fully!

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