Healing Through Teaching

The Gifts of Imperfection

This beautiful book is a journey into vulnerability and authenticity, at it's core. Brene Brown, researcher and storyteller, unfolds the mystery of shame resilience: the qualities that allow individuals to create wholehearted lives despite imperfection.  From her research Brene discovered the 10 Guideposts to Wholehearted Living: what to let go of and what to cultivate to overcome shame. Enhancing self-love, self-acceptance and worthiness is the key to wholehearted living. 

Healing our sense of worthiness is fundamental to out abilities to manifest abundance and fulfill our individual and collective life purposes. Aligning our lives with our life purposes becomes magical when we obtain self-love and self-acceptance: wholehearted living through shame resilience. Then we can model, teach and heal. With love and peace through Divinity: we bring Heaven down to Earth.   

The world needs us! In healing ourselves we remember how to heal others.  Brene shows us, through story and research, how to remember that we are loved, lovable and loving. That is why Brene's work is foundational to in the Kira's KivaGarden workshop series: Let Go of Exhaustion,  The Courage to Co-Create,  Manifest Meaningful Work

As an aside, it is brilliant to witness the transformation of an Intuitive Thinking type (NT) - an academic scholar - transforming by adopting and embracing the characteristics of assertive Intuitive Feeling types (NFs). In embodying and enriching her own tenancies towards empathy Dr Brown has become a bridge for other thinking types as an NT/NF hybrid: an NX. Witness her transformation in this and other books: Daring Greatly , Rising Strong.

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