Harmonizing Work2 and Play

Are you retired? Considering retiring? Selling a Business? Children leaving home?

Rarely is a gift of time a burden, except after the harvest: when we retire or pass our businesses and families on to someone else to tend to. 

What do we do with all that time?

It is at this moment in time that many people ask themselves what they will do with the abundance of time. Without the daily routine, once the honeymoon is over, boredom, frustration and anxst can set in. 

Explore ways to create a holistically balanced lifestyle infused with body, mind, heart and spirit. 

Rekindle motivation and drive to engage in life fully as a wholehearted being on the path of rediscovering your purpose and designing your life: after the harvest! 

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Honour the Gift of Abundance: Time!

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 don't die with Your music still inside you

~ wayne dyer

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