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As a young Hungarian child, 7-10, imprisoned during WWII, Mihaly experienced the state of flow when he played chess. Fascinated by this state of being that allowed him to experience optimal experience, even happiness, under these conditions: he dedicated his life work and research to the concepts of flow and creativity. 

Mihaly's work  is the landmark foundation underpinning our understanding of understanding what it takes to achieve flow/optimal experience/happiness: not only at work, but also at home; not only for athletes and artists, but for all of us. 

As individuals we experienced Flow periodically, but we can engage in it more intentionally at play (The Courage to Co-Create ) at work (Manifest  Meaningful Work) and in discovering our purpose (Rediscovering Purpose). That is why the KivaGardenTM integrates foundational this work.

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 Kira's KivaGarden Harmonizes Work2 and Play by providing workshops and mentoring that Mind the Gap between Personal and Professional Development and infuse Purpose and Meaning into Life!
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