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Fill Your Quiver with Arrows: Learn to Hope
Cultivate Spiritual Resilience through goal setting with the Power of Hope!

What are the ingredients of HOPE? How can you tap into hope to provide the power of motivation to obtain your goals? 

Cultivating Spiritual Resilience allows you to overcome disappointment on the journey of obtaining your goals. Fill your quiver with the power of hope and confidence;  allow yourself to overcome powerlessness and the subsequent need to numb fear, pain, shame, discomfort, disappointment, vulnerability blame or disconnection. Continue on your path of Wholehearted Living!

Based on Brene Brown's Guidepost #3 in Gifts of Imperfection, fill your quiver with the skills you need to thrive with the Courage to Co-Creating as an entrepreneur, or by Manifesting Meaningful Work . 

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4 Interactive & Inspiring Modules

Module One

Where do you want to go?

Explore your dreams and aspirations as part of a sharing community. Discover that your dreams are more realistic than you thought. Discover others have similar dreams as you do. Contemplate whether your aspirations are realistic. This is the first step of acquiring Hope!

Time: 2 hours

How will you get there?

The second step of cultivating hope, and surmounting powerlessness, is creating a plan: How will you achieve your goals/dreams/aspirations? What contingency plans can be put in place, if alternatives are required? And who of your Career Tribe can assist you in achieving your goals.

Time: 2 hours

Module Two

Module Three

You've Got This!

Can you really do this? Sometimes we all need a little encouragement along the way: a little  re-assurance. Sometimes we each need to remember  that: You are enough!  You can be vulnerable! You can lean into discomfort!  You can do this! You’ve got this!

Time: 2 hours

Bringing it all Together

Having come together for three weeks, having tapped into your Career Tribes: where are you at when it comes to building our Spiritual Resilience - our Hope? How does your emotional wellness motivate you to fulfill your dreams/ ambitions/ desires? Now you are ready for a little Passion Planning!

Time: 2 hours

Module Four

You Also Get...



Acknowledging that you may need more support than what is available in a group session, when you register for The Power of Hope your package includes a bonus: a 45 minute session with Kira's KivaGarden™ founder Kimber Leigh Kara. 

Time: 45 minute session

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