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Be Your Own Best Friend

With Raising Secure Earth Angels in hand, knowing how to trust your Self, your community and the Divine, learn how to Fill Your Own Cup. 

Whether at home or in community - alone or with others - we all have physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Creating a safe and secure environment for ourselves is about exploring what our needs are, how we neglect them, and creating plans to engage in self-care and wellness. 

While this course is being offered for parents and guardians of Earth Angels the concepts can be done individually or shared as a couple and/or family. In fact Filling My Own Cup was inspired by a six year old Intuitive Feeling Type (NF), who called it her Attitude Journal. Within one week she was able to see how her daily choices impacted how she felt during the day, guiding her choices in the present and future.  It is part of the Being Mindful of Me Series.

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This is a LIVE event.

4 Interactive & Inspiring Modules

Module One

What Fills Your Cup!

Whether an extrovert, an introvert, a thinking or feeling type, whether intuitive or sensory based we all have different needs when it comes to Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit. What are your needs and how do you fill them: alone or in community (family/friends)? How are you Filling-Your-Cup at present? Where do you want to be in the future?  How do you keep it full?

Time: 2 hours

 Introducing the Filling Your Cup 14 Day Log

Take time each day reflecting on how you have Filled-Your- Cup: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. What kinds of empathetic shifts did you experience? Where was your emotional resilience? What did you do with your triggers? How did you feel as a result? How did your choices impact your relationship with your sensitive child, with your Earth Angel? 

Time: 2 hours

Module Two

Module Three

Keeping Your Cup Full 

Having become aware of your daily choices and how they impacted how you felt; having become aware of how your feelings are felt and experienced by sensitive members of your family: create a plan for daily, weekly, monthly living to Fill-Your-Cup. Even if you are not the planning type - even if you are more spontaneous in nature - creating plans provides a foundation for maintaining the responsibility of Keeping Your Cup Full removing that burden from the shoulders of your sensitive Earth Angel child.  

Time: 2 hours

Exploring the Ripple Effect

When we take care of ourselves - Fill-our-Cups and keep them full - when we channel our emotions into creativity: we create a  Safe Haven for our sensitive children, for our Earth Angels. In doing so we retain the ownership of emotions. We take the burden of healing off their shoulders. We role model healthy alternatives to coping with the energy of emotionality so that they can do the same.  Explore the ripple effect. 

Time: 2 hours

Module Four

You Also Get...


Filling My Own Cup 14 Day Log

  • Identify your needs: Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit
  • Reflect on whether you fill or neglect these needs
  • Explore how to fill these needs: alone and in community
  • Contemplate how you dealt with your Shark Music, Cues and Miscues
  • Identify your energy levels and your emotions as a result of your choices; consider how they impacted your loved ones 
  • Set intentions for the next day to regulate your emotions, foster emotional resilience, and engage in the healing process of creativity
  • Discover self-confidence, hope, emotional and spiritual resilience, from Filling-Your- Own-Cup releasing your sensitive Earth Angel from feeling pressured
  • Experience a greater degree of: resilience, ownership, self-determination, empowerment, connectivity, attachment!
  • Experience a Wholehearted  shame-resilient way of Living!

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