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You may think you know the four primary emotions of sadness, anger, fear and joy; but, think again! How much of our understanding has become confused by the adoption of words to mean one thing when they bio-physiologically mean another. What happens when we strip the myriad of feelings down to their basic biological emotions? What happens when we understand the biology behind the arousal cycle, when it comes to these four emotions – and their various combinations and intensities? How do we apply Emotional First Aid first to ourselves and then to others?

Expand your understanding of the Trusting SecurelyExperience joy! sadness! anger!  and fear! Experience them fully: and let them go.

The alternative is to suffer the bio-physiological consequences of blocking these feelings, emotions and subsequent energy they hold. Numbing and armouring, resentment and depression, these are the alternatives to Feeling Fully. It is your choice. Empower your Self!

Stop shaming your Self for feeling!
Teach others to do the same!
That is what Feel Fully is all about!

Feeling Fully Part I

This is a LIVE event.

6 Interactive & Inspiring Modules

The underlying principle of Feeling Freely is this, "When we have mastered the skills of regulating our own feelings, we can then co-regulate feelings experienced by others. When people own their feelings, a healthy emotional boundary is in place; there is no need for us to take on their feelings  as our own. We retain our integrity and they retain theirs. We are free! We are no longer consumers of cosmic garbage but Producers of Light."

Module One

A Time to Feel

The song Turn, Turn, Turn, by the Bryds comes to mind with the commencement of this workshop.  It is a time to feel. It is a time to feel fully. 

Explore the concept of feeling fully during this interactive and participatory workshop designed to ignite your spirit, free your heart, scintillate your mind, and relieve your body.

Explore the four core emotions our biology creates - not only in people but also animals - as documented by Charles Darwin in 1872 in his book The Expressions of Emotions in Man and Animals.  They are sadness, anger, fear and joy. 

Join the path to freedom. Become a Producer of Light. 

Time: 2 hours

Shades of Blue

The colour blue has long been associated with sadness. "You look kinda blue today," has been a common phrase in the past. In fact a blue filter is used on camera lenses while making movies that depict either coldness or sadness. 

There is something about sadness, grief, hopelessness that is difficult for some to face: especially for sensitive Intuitive Feeling type empaths. (Just reading that might evoke a feeling of melancholy for some. )

The question is, how we can apply Emotional First Aid by "Being With" others when they are sad without falling apart at the seems our Selves: empathically? 

Time: 2 hours

Module Two

Module Three

Standing Tall

There is one thing in common with most - maybe all - Intuitive Feeling type Earth Angels: it is the avoidance/sensitivity to conflict. The energy evokes by tension, anger, frustration and chaos shatters security in sensitive beings that See, Feel, Hear and Know what others do not. Tender constitutions have us fleeing for shelter, cover and protection at the slightest tremble of angry volcanic activity. 

But how can we maintain our integrity? How can we fulfill our purposes as World Changers if we are hiding in our middens terrified of the world and its inhabitants expression of anger? 

Standing in the centre of our power requires the ability to sit in the fire of contention and strife with strength, power, resilience, determination, grit, and sometimes even insolence! 

Stand Tall. Become a Producer of Light. 

Time: 2 hours

Contagious Feelings 

Think of a moment in time that you were filled with anticipation. What kind of energy did you feel? Where did you feel it? What happened next? 

What happens when your solar plexus is activated? How do you handle it? Does your muscular go soft - in need of comfort and protection? Does it go hard - prepared for action? 

What do you do when you witness or are engaged in a conversation with someone who suddenly gets agitated? Their eyes open wide, a nervousness builds in their body. Now you are feeling it too! Anxiety is contagious for all people, and yet it is more intense for those of us who are Intuitive Feeling types with the capacity to feel not only our own emotions but also the feelings of others as well? How do we apply Emotional First Aid when it comes to fear, anxiety and panic?

Time: 2 hours

Module Four

Module Five

Joy oh joy!

Joy is such a beautiful thing, isn't it? It makes the whole world lighter, shinier, brighter. Then why is it that we are so quick to squelch it in our children? What is it about the institutionalization of joy - permitted with athletic events and drunkenness - that prevents us as a society and a people to experience joy more fully? 

Anyone who has read Brene Brown's book Gifts of Imperfection knows that the 4th Guidepost is about Scarcity and the Fear of the Dark vs Gratitude and Joy.  We are either on one side of the fence, or the other when it comes to shame-resilience and wholehearted living. 

What do you do when you see someone blocking their own joy? Downplaying their successes? Minimizing their celebrations of tiny but momentous milestones? How do you engage in your own without restraint? 

Time: 2 hours


Listening to and Lightening Our Bodies

Our feelings provide us a tremendous amount of feedback instantaneously. But if we are numbing, if we are shielding, if we are blocking the experience of our 4 core feelings - based in our physiology - then we are creating a tremendous weighted armour.

Expressing our emotions, giving them voice. Transmuting their energy allows us to not only regulate our own feelings but gives us the strength, abilities, skills and confidence to lean into the discomfort when someone is feeling theirs. In doing so we honour our friends and loved ones by supporting and sustaining them in owning their emotions so that we do not have too carry them, feel them, or filter them. 

Without the burden of sadness, anger, fear - with all their intensities, combinations and permutations -we create, establish, and enforce strong healthy emotional boundaries. We maintain our internal integrity. We step forward as the brilliant Beacons of Light that we are.  Join Us! 

Time: 2 hours

Module Six

 Boundaries for Empaths + Feeling Fully Part I (this workshop) =>  Feeling Fully Part II

Available January 2020.

You Also Get...


A colourful 50 page workbook!

Part A

Focus on each of the 4 emotions (Sadness, Anger, Fear, Joy):

  • All About [Emotion]
  • [Emotion Identification] I & II
  • "Being With" [Emotion]

Part B

  •  Emotional Resilience
  • The Arousal Cycle
  • The Illumination Cycle
  • Emotional First Aid
  • Chronic Expressions of Anger
  • First Aid for Anger
  • Anticipation: Fear, Joy, Anxiety
  • Fear and Anger
  • Wonder and Fear
  • Frozen Love
  • Blocking Joy I & II
  • The Physics of Emotions
  • Switching

Come out of  Kira's Enchanted Wood with the ability to say,

Stop Shaming Me for Feeling!

Discover what you have never known about your Self!

Obtain mastery when it comes to regulating your emotions and co-regulating the emotions of others!

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