Healing Through Teaching

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Emotional Intelligence for Empaths

Because only 15% of the world are Intuitive Feeling types (NFs, INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs, ENFPs, David Keirsey in Please Understand Me II), very few people understand us. We are relatively unknown. Also, as a result of being highly sensitive, many of us are either unhealthy, unevolved, or using numbing and shielding to get through the day. 

Very few of us are:

Yet, that is what those of us who See, Hear, Feel and Know Divinity are here to do!

The KivaGarden with its Enchanted WoodGazebo Pavilion, and Unusual Observatory is an epicentre for Emotional Intelligence for Empaths.  

It is safe to Feel, Say, and See.

Emotional Intelligence for Empaths (EQ4Es) builds upon skills and abilities.

As such Feeling Fully is a precursor for Speaking Daringly which is a pre-requisite for Seeing Clearly. 

Emotional Intelligence for Empaths Series

NOTE: Feeling Fully and Speaking Daringly are under construction. They will be launched and available for September 2019. 

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