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What is all the fuss about NFs? and 16 personalities dot com? What are NXs? Why does it matter? 

Did you know that empaths have existed for over 3000 years? Did you know that Aristotle and Plato called us Idealists? Did you know that is the name that David Keirsey gave us as a result of his research into personality types? Did you know that NFs, Intuitive Feeling types,  are known in the field of psychology to be empathic? 

Take the temperment sorter at Keirsey dot com to discover if you are an NF, an NT, an SJ or an SP.  Knowing this is foundation to the workshops and mentoring offered through the KivaGarden. 

But, don't stop there. The researchers and developers at 16 personalities dot com took Keirsey's life work and blended it with other personality quizzes/tools to fine tune the sorting process. When you take this quiz you will notice that they do what Keirsey does not: they give a middle ground. This is fundamentally important to us NFs whose answer to almost all questions is, "It depends!" That is why taking these quizzes can be challenging for us. 16 Personalities dot com gives us a way out. But, they also do something else with that variable. With that extra data they created a new index: Identity. 

Not only will your results tell you what kind of NF you are (INFJ, ENFJ, INFP, ENFP) they add a -A or a -T with your results. This element adds depth and meaning to who you are, where you are in your life, and how to engage in self-actualization on the path to thriving. 

SAVE YOUR SCORES! E-mail them to yourself! The percents (%) are instructiveto determine if you are one of the Earth Angle (NF) allies: NXs and XFs! 

Take the 16 Personalities.com Test 

We can Thrive as Self Actualized Beings!

This is the value and importance of Keirsey's book Please Understand Me II to NFs.

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