HEAling Through Teaching

As parents, teachers, mentors and guides our intentions are the same. We all want to create safe environments for our children, our clients, our patrons. But how do we do that when what we learned about parenting was acquired before we were 11 months old? 

That is right. The research shows us that by the time we are 11 months old we have acquired Shark Music: a discomfort when feel anger, sadness, fear, shame and even joy and curiosity! 

 Brene Brown has become famous for her concept of leaning into the discomfort

How beautifully these concepts come together in The Circle of Security®.  For this reason there are two versions of the basic CoS-P program offered through the Magical Meadow:

  1. Circle of Security® - Parenting
  2. Circle of Security® - for Professionals
  3. Being With the Talent Gen for mentors of the Y and Z Generations. 

Let's all learn how to foster secure attachments together! 

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