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Intuitive Feeling types (NFs) are very different from 85% of the population. With only 25% of the world being intuitive (10% thinking types and 15% feeling types) many NFs are raised without ever knowing someone like them. Furthermore, many of us develop a more Turbulent Identity. Very few are Assertive in how we perceive and connect with the world. As such, many of us lack safe and secure attachments with ourselves, with our communities, with the Divine.  The FREE quiz at is a valuable tool and resource to determine if we are intuitive or sensing types, if we are thinking or feeling types, if we are introverted or extroverted, and whether we have a turbulent or assertive identity. (You might not be an NF, but you might be an NX, or an XF! Get your results interpreted: e-mail your results to find out more!)

There are three elements to Knowing Deeply: 

  1. Life Skills for Intuitive Feeling Type Empaths
  2. Emotional Intelligence for Intuitive Feeling Type Empaths
  3. Emotional Alchemy for Empaths

Due to the sensitive nature of empathic Intuitive Feeling types, all of our workshops are available as One-on-One mentoring. You can also create a small group by inviting friends and loved ones to join you  and your growth process. Small groups are best. Find out how it works.

Life Skills for Intuitive Feeling Type Empaths

Emotional Intelligence for Intuitive Feeling Empaths

As the following three workshops build on skills, Feeling Fully is a pre-requisite for Speaking Daringly, which is a pre-requisite for Seeing Clearly. 

Emotional Alchemy for Intuitive Feeling Empaths

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