Restoring Integrity

Let’s take a journey – together – into the world of boundaries:

  • Take a Look into the Johari Window and see How Boundaries are Created.
  • Explore the relationship between Boundaries and Emotional Intelligence.
  • Discover commonly accepted breaches and violations of boundaries perpetuated by culture, status, and clime.
  • Explore your Soul Realignment from the perspective of boundaries. How did unconsciously allowing boundary violations create karmic patterns in your life?
  • Expand your knowledge and understanding about the theory of boundaries: types and characteristics.
  • Discern the truth about the concept of Soul Mates from the perspective of boundaries. 
  • Enhance your skills when it comes to maintaining healthy boundaries in intimate relationships.
  • Fostering security through healthy boundaries.

All in 8 weeks!

This is a LIVE event.

8 Interactive & Inspiring Modules

Module One

Opening the Johari Window

Explore the 5 truths about boundaries! Discover how our feelings provide us with immediate feedback into the core of our souls. Discover how boundaries are created - and thus why they are not. Engage in a creative activity to explore who you are: inwardly and outwardly.  Explore examples of boundaries being placed to maintain health and integrity. 

Time: 3 hours

 Boundaries and Emotional Intelligence 

As Intuitive Feeling types we navigate the world from our feelings both emotional and spiritual. But we are also influenced by the feelings of others: both emotional and spiritual. That is a hefty load. Explore the interconnection between Emotional Intelligence to strengthen your resolve and ability to exert yourself in this reality: life as we know it on earth. 

Time: 3 hours

Module Two

Module Three


What happens when boundaries are violated?

Explore this question from three perspectives:

  • Psychological Theory on Boundaries
  • Attachment Theory, 
  • James Redfield's Control Dramas (The Celestine Prophecies).  

Although it sounds heavy, this session like the others is meant to me fun, interactive and insightful. So, no, you will not be subjected to a two hour - boring - lecture! :) 

Time: 3 hours

Soul Re-Alignment Review

Have you recently experienced Soul Realignment with LJ Cote

If you have not you will want to contact her and tell her that you would like to schedule one before the commencement of this workshop! 

During this time we will explore, contemplate and integrate how boundary violations - against your Core Identity, your Divine Gifts and your Soul Group - have created Karmic Patterns carried forward through lifetimes. 

Time: 3 hours

Module Four

Module Five

Types of Boundaries

Did you know that there are several types of boundaries all with different characteristics? 

Explore the boundaries that you have in place. Contemplate their context and how they might change or remain the same: particularly from the perspective of an empathic Intuitive Feeling type who can See, Feel, Hear and Know what others do not. 

Time: 3 hours

Dual Relationships

As an Intuitive Feeling type - compassionate, caring, loving and idealistic - empath: you are probably prone to dual relationships. Whether as a client/student/trainee/partner or a teacher/healer/coach the potential for entering dual relationships is high. 

How do dual relationships come into play when it comes to boundaries? 

Time: 3 hours

Module Six

Module Seven

Ecological Interactions

Having explored boundaries from an emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual perspective, we will explore relationships as biological - ecological - interactions.

Then we we will apply this perspective to Intimate Relationships when you Examine Your Personal Boundaries.  Expect Introspection and Reflection! 

Time: 3 hours

My Boundaries

We close your exploration of boundaries by integrating all of the concepts we have covered, seeing how far you have come in your process of Loving your Self by restoring and maintaining your internal integrity. 

Engage in activities as we sojourn before we meet again! 

Time: 3 hours

Module Eight

You Also Get


A 32 page colour workbook!

  • The Johari Window
  • 5 Truths about Boundaries
  • Your Boundaries Checklist
  • Consumer of Cosmic Garbage
  • Producer of Light
  • Wholeness Scale I & II
  • Boundary Violations
  • Maintaining Alignment Boundaries
  • Characteristics of Boundaries
  • Cleaning Up Violations
  • Dual Relationships I & II
  • Biological - Ecological Interactions I & II
  • Examine Your Boundaries - Family
  • Examine Your Boundaries - Friends

Emerge from this workshop with your Integrity in tact. Your Divine Nature and your Individual Worth embodied. 

Remain In Perfect Alignment with who you were created to be.

Fully Engage in Life as a Producer of Light.

Invest in Yourself!

When I invest in myself everyone benefits!

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