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Ok. Let’s be perfectly honest here.

How are you doing with your boundaries?

Let me guess. If you are an empath – HeartCentred Intuitive – your boundaries are pretty flimsy, porous, and destructible. That is what being an empath is all about, isn’t it? Being able to Feel, See, Hear and Know what others do not? Treading into the hearts, souls, minds and bodies of others around us? (At least that is what others are lead to believe.)

Ok then. Let’s be realistic. I know, we are Idealists. 

As idealistic HeartCentred Intuitives we see the world from an eternal perspective. We see it for what it could be. But let’s face it – no matter how often we escape this reality through daydreaming and meditation – the world is not perfect. And we need to live in it!

Aside: Did you know that Plato called Intuitive Feeling types Idealists over 2000 years ago?

Then, why hasn’t anyone made resources specific to our needs?

That is what the KivaGarden is all about with its three series:

Aside over. 

The Boundaries for Empaths Workshop has been created specifically to address the needs of sensitive HeartCentred Intuitives(INFJ, ENFJ, INFP, ENFP) in an insensitive world. As one HeartCentred Intuitive  to another these survival skills are necessary in life on earth today even if they go against our very nature: our Divine Nature.

But, we cannot be anything to anyone if we give unto depletion.

We cannot be who we were created to be if we continue to be Consumers of Cosmic Garbage instead of Producers of Light.

So, come on all you World Changers! Transform how you channel energy. Stop accepting the cosmic garbage of others (thoughts, fears, worries, beliefs). Plug into a new reality – a new collective consciousness – and be the Producer of Light that you are!

Learn more! Don’t delay! Act now! :)

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