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As of 2015 there are more members of the Talent Generation (Millennials and Z's)  in the workforce than any other generation with 57 Million Z's (1996-2009), 80 Million Y's (1982-1995) and 78 Million boomers in the US workforce.  Ready or Not: Here comes Z

Traditional mentoring methods focused on the Hierarchical World View based on linear thinking patterns and processes based on mind and body, with the teacher being the expert. Yet these strategies are counter-productive to the relationship based Talent Generation. These generations require us to integrate shame-free Wholehearted Gap-Minding ways of being, (Brene Brown) providing a Secure Base for Exploration and a Secure Haven to come to Fill-Their-Cups. But how do we do that when we mentor? How do we transition from a Hierarchical WorldView to one that fills the needs of the Y and Z generations? 

Being With the Talent Generation

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