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As of 2015 there are more members of the Talent Generation (Millennials and Z's)  in the workforce than any other generation with 57 Million Z's (1996-2009), 80 Million Y's (1982-1995) and 78 Million boomers in the US workforce.  Ready or Not: Here comes Z

Traditional mentoring methods focused on the Hierarchical World View based on linear thinking patterns and processes based on mind and body, with the teacher being the expert. Yet these strategies are counter-productive to the relationship based Talent Generation. These generations require us to integrate shame-free Wholehearted Gap-Minding ways of being, (Brene Brown) providing a Secure Base for Exploration and a Secure Haven to come to Fill-Their-Cups (Circle of Security). But how do we do that when we mentor? How do we transition from a Hierarchical WorldView to one that fills the needs of the Y and Z generations? 


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12 Interactive & Inspiring Modules

Module One

What is your Mentoring Philosophy?

Explore how WorldViews impact teaching/learning/mentoring philosophies. Determine what kind of mentor you want to be. Based on your personal memories, explore teaching/mentoring methods and whether they fed your Body, Mind, Heart and/or Spirit.  Simultaneously experience how to create a safe space to learn, explore and grow: a Secure Base for exploration. 

Time: 2 hours 

Introducing the Circle of Security

We are all hardwired for security: the Y and Z generations have experienced a greater degree of security than previous generations because their parents have provided Safe Bases and Secure Havens both in Watch-Over-Me and Fill-My-Cup moments. But what happens to the Talent Generation when they enter the workforce where scarcity and logic prevails? 

Based on 50 years of research Circle of Security Parenting provides a Road Map to us as mentors of this resourceful generation. 

Time: 2 hours

Module Two

Module Three

Explore the Impact of Heart & Soul in Mentorship

Expanding on the history of your Mentorship Philosophy consider  Maslow's Hierarchy, Dale's Cone of Experience and the Saskatchewan NewStart Methodology.  Contemplate the inclusion/exclusion of body, mind, heart and spirit in education, mentoring and leading, teaching and learning. Determine your own personal goals  to infusing heart and soul into mentorship, education and leadership.

Time: 2 hours

Exploring Our Mentee's Needs 

Expand our exploration of our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs by considering our basic needs for security.  Regardless of who we are or where we come from, or our age, all of our needs are the same as we move around the Circle of Security: whether on the top going out to explore the world, or on the bottom coming back in to fill our cup. Our role as parents and mentees is to be a Secure Base and a Safe Haven: to be the Hands for our children and mentees. 

Time: 2 hours

Module Four

Module Five

"Being With" the Talent Generation

Building on our understanding of the Circle of Security we know that secure attachments between Mentor and Mentee form when the Hands of the Mentor create a Secure Base and a Safe Haven. But what happens when our Talent Generation Mentees in Exploring-the-World experience struggles or challenges that causes confusion, anger or resistance? Within the context of relationship Mentees obtain emotional resilience while learning how to manage their emotions in the workplace.  That is the role of the Mentor: to "Be With" their Mentee in moment such as these. 

Time: 2 hours

Being With II

What we, of all ages, experience over time on the Circle of Security can be witnessed within minutes of interacting with infants. Witness how attuning to the needs of an infant teaches them how to organize their feelings within seconds. Contemplate how witnessing the needs of infants, depending on where they are on the circle, can be applied to your relationships: at home with family, at work with colleagues, and in relationships with your mentee(s). 

Time: 2 hours

Module Six

Module Seven

the Path to Security

Up until this point we have explored the needs of Mentees and children on the Circle of Security. But, where are you as Mentor or parent on the circle? 

We all want the best for our Mentees, for our children, but what happens when our Shark Music appears? What happens when the natural Gap Minding skills of Zs identifies one of our weaknesses? What happens when their self-confidence and security allow them to Explore-the-World further than we are comfortable? Sometimes our personal Shark Music gets in the way - causing miscues.  With the audacity of the Talent Generation they are liable to leave our organizations! What is the Path to Security then?  

Time: 2 hours

Exploring Our Struggles

As imperfect beings (with our Shark Music) doing the best we can with what we have been given,  how do we create the type of relationship where our children and mentees come to us for help? Striking a Balance is integral to creating safety and security for the talent generation that has been raised with Hands that are Bigger, Stronger, Wiser and Kind. Their parents have learned when to discern when to "Take Charge" by creating boundaries. As leaders, as employers, as mentors we need to be able to do the same. During this module we will explore  what happens when we lose the wisdom to stay in balance and the impact on our attachments in all our relationships. 

Time: 2 hours

Module Eight

Module Nine

Rupture and Repair

One of the most important elements to understand as Mentor to the Talent Generation is that many of them have been raised as Wholehearted Beings. Embodying shame-resilience many Ys and Zs value the Gifts of Imperfection harnessing self-compassion that comes with it.  This is in stark contrast to leaders who have accepted perfection as a guidepost defining leadership as always being in control. 

Ruptures occur in all relationships. Our Ys and Zs know this; but, they also know that relationships grow when ruptures are repaired. That is what their parents, teachers and friends have taught them. For us to be effective Mentors we must learn the art of Repairing Ruptures when we happen to step off the circle.  Creating "Time-Ins" make all the difference in the world. 

Time: 2 hours

Engage in Mentoring: Body, Mind, Heart & Soul

During this module we back to what we learned earlier about the stark contrast between the Heirarchical WorldView and the Wholistic WorldView that the Talent Generation has been raised in.  We contemplate everything we have learned about the Circle of Security considering that both learning and working are Exploring-the-World concepts at the top of the circle. Knowing this we engage in participatory activities (creating mentoring plans) that integrate body, mind, heart and spirit: authenticity, wholehearted living and shame resilience.  And, we anticipate Fill-My-Cup moments. We address the emotional needs through an evocation. Prepare the mind through inquiry before presenting practical skill practice and application. 

Time: 2 hours 

Module Ten

Module Eleven

Our Circle of Security

To date we have explored various concepts that create a foundation of security in all our relations: with our children, our Mentees, and with ourselves. We have learned how to create a Secure Base and a Safe Haven with Hands that are Bigger, Stronger, Wiser and Kind. We have learned how to be attuned ourselves to the needs of others when they go out to Explore and come back to Fill-Their-Cups. Quieting our Shark Music and Repairing Ruptures we have become the kind of Mentor we have wanted to be, but maybe didn't know how to get there. CoS-P has provided that Road Map which we can apply  to all our relations. 

Time: 2 hours

Engage in Participatory Experiential Learning

Having reviewed the Circle of Security, closing that circle, we continue to experience mentoring infused with heart and spirit. By providing Hands for each other, a Secure Base and a Safe Haven, we participant as observer, mentor and mentee engaging in Mentorship plans created on the foundation of the Circle of Security and integrate the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental needs of mentee and mentor alike. 

Time: 2 hours 

Module Twelve


Transitions for Mentors Workbook

This beautifully designed and illustrated workbook provides a memorable keepsake that continues to inspire and motivate your journey of infusing heart and spirit in education.

The colourful graphics: 

  • Empower you to take steps to ensuring that the needs of your learners are being filled when you become aware they are not.
  • Remind you to fill your classroom setting with laughter, light, and joy to decrease stress levels for all.
  • Remind you to avoid repeating a fractal pattern of fragmentation; adopt teaching methods of wholeness.
  • Find encouragement in increasing student engagement through experiential learning.
  • Foster healthy interactive inter-dependent communication, replacing centralized communication.
  • Create an environment that fosters deep level learning and creativity Invite a Wholehearted living and way of being into the classroom

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