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EngagIng In MindFul Self Care

There are Four Versions of the Being Mindful of Me Series: each with a different focus: Are you interested in a Parent & Child Experience? Are you struggling to create time for yourself, balancing an overabundant life while lacking vitality, rest and play? Are you experiencing a life change uncertain about what to do with the gift of time? Have you completed a Circle of Security Workshop? Answering these questions allows you to identify your starting point when it comes to engaging in mindful self care. Once you know where you want to start, invite your family and friend on your journey and save. The more you invite when you Create Your Own Group: the more you save! Find out how.

4 Ways to Engage In Mindful Safe Care in 4 Sessions


There are 4 versions of Being Mindful of Me available through Kira's KivaGardenTM.  This four part workshop is available through One-on-Ones or invite friends and family to join you as you Create Your Own Group! Learn More >>

Being Mindful of Me Basics

Cultivate Rest and Play. Increase Your Vitality.  Embody Brene Brown's Gifts of Imperfection in this 4 part workshop series.  Discover how your daily choices influence your energy level and your feelings before creating daily, weekly, monthly plans that balance body, mind, heart and spirit: alone and in community. 

Fill My Own Cup

Based on Letting Go of Exhaustion, Fill My Own Cup integrates the concepts of Circle of Security like - Secure Base, Safe Haven, Time-Ins, Time-Outs, Shark Music, and Miscues - while taking care of your needs: body, mind, heart and soul. A Prerequisite is Required: any of the Circle of Security Series®. 

My Adatod Journal

The Being Mindful of Me Series was created for a six year old child. While the 3 other versions of the Being Mindful of Me Series are for adults, My Adatod Journal is a Parent - Child Experience. Mentor health and wellness: emotional, physical, mental and physical.  Explore the world. Create a Family Group experience.  

The Gift of Time

Also based on the same concept as the other Being Mindful of Me Series, this four part workshop explores the gift of time we experience when experiencing a change of life and wondering what to do with the gift of time.  Discover how to spend your time balancing the needs of body, mind, heart and spirit. 

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