Awaken Your Indigo Power

As an Indigo Child, Charles Virtue struggled through the process of understanding who he was and why he was perceived as being so challenging even as a child. And yet, it was his internal guidance system both discerned and detected dishonesty and incongruencies around him. 

Having a mother like Doreen Virtue, with her intimate connection to the Angelic Realm, meant that Charles was able to explore these characteristics as part of his Divine Nature. This book is a manifestation of self-love and self-acceptance of an evolved Indigo willing and ready to step forward, into the world, guiding other Indigos and Crystals on their individual paths by sharing what Charles learned on his own. 

This book, written as a dialogue between mother and son, also explores the parental piece of raising an Indigo (or Crystal) child. Mind you, while Indigos and Crystals share common characteristics, Crystals are much milder in their actions and beings. 

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