Angels of Abundance

Doreen Virtue met the Angels of Abundance when she was doing readings for people who asked her about financial situations. She could see cherubic like angels lifting goop, stresses and strains, that were preventing individuals from manifesting abundance. 

Written with her son Grant, Angels of Abundance goes beyond other resources about the topic of abundance by infusing the spiritual dimension. Integrating faith, exploring worthiness, increasing our vibrations, enhancing self-care and releasing vows of poverty: Doreen and Grant Virtue teach us how to heal our relationship with money so that we can align our lives with the abundance required to manifest our life purposes

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the KivaGarden's Abundance Assistance Plan

If you want to access Kira's KivaGarden (the Galvanizing Fireside, Enchanted Wood, Gazebo Pavillion or Opalescent Orchard) to expand your life purpose but do not have the funds to do so, working with the Angels of Abundance will provide the means to  make it so. 


Abundance with Grant Virtue

30:05 3/24/2016

"What is abundance and how can you manifest more into your life? Grant Virtue, author of Angels of Abundance, discusses the ins and outs of abundance. He offers tips and tools on how to take care of abundance in all areas of your life."

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Angels of Abundance Online Course

"Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams (With Heavenly Help) with Doreen Virtue and Grant Virtue.
  • This Exclusive Online Video Course Includes: Four weeks of enlightening and life-changing video lessons
  • Prayers and meditations to help manifest abundance
  • Real life stories of people getting what they want through manifestation practices
  • 7 bonus exercises and meditations from Doreen and Grant"

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