Healing Through Teaching

The Angel Therapy Handbook

Trusting our Angels is the best way to know that our learning process is consistent with our needs in any moment in time. When we ask, and open ourselves to their guidance, being aware and receptive to answers and replies: magic happens! 

Dedicated to writing on a full time basis, Doreen Virtue has pages and pages of resources she has created or co-created, at the front of each book. With each book, and each set of Oracle cards, Doreen shares what she learns along her path of discovery aligned with her life purpose: to remind us that Angels do exist, that they love us unconditionally, and that they are here to assist us to obtain peace. 

The Angel Therapy Handbook is a compendium, the "best of" all her books collected together for this, the text book for her Angel Therapy online courses

Reading this compendium gives you the foundation and tools every intuitive feeling type needs to know!

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Other Books by Doreen Virtue

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