HEAling Through Teaching

Welcome to the KivaGarden

Enter a sacred space where people grow: building self confidence, cultivating happiness, engaging in self care and strengthening relationships with ourSelves, our community and the Divine. There are two main aspects: Welcoming Wellness and Parenting Wellness. Enter the Garden Gate to learn more...  then when you are ready: Get Your Garden Pass! Book any of the workshops as a One-on-One or invite friends, Create Your Own Group and save!  Follow Us on Facebook and Instagram.

 Kira's KivaGarden provides workshops to individuals and small groups.

Mentoring growth and development, it is here that sensitive people learn how to thrive on earth. 

The KivaGarden is for Intuitive Feeling  type empaths: Earth Angels, INFJs, ENFJs, INFPs, ENFPs; NXs and XFs. 
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